In Praise of Unruly Whites By Charles Taylor

     It is good to see White  folks voting with their feet, or rather hip pocket, against politically correct corporates, doing their pc  thing:

“The Huffington Post has accused “unruly” white people of flying into a “destructive rage,” in response to Nike’s latest “Just Do It” ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. The article claims that social media posts made by Nike customers who are seendestroying their Nike products is an example of dangerous “destructive rage,” MRCTV reported. “Unruly whites were seen vandalizing property, damaging well-mown lawns and setting fire to running shoes that had chiefly been worn for purposes other than running,” the Huffington Post article exclaims.”

     Now wait a minute here Huffers and Puffers! Why can every other community be permitted to fly into destructive rages, sometimes tearing up the entire urban landscape and property not even belonging to them, but White folks are not permitted to destroy their own property, on their own lawns in a symbolic protest? Of course Whites have this right, and you guys are just being naughty  by discriminating. But, hey, maybe the “rubes” have woken up to the tricks of the “carnies.” For Aussies, metaphor explanation:,_Rube!



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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