In Defence of “Toilet” and other Aussieisms By Mrs Vera West

     Forget about the battle to stop rural Australia from being made into one huge Chinese shopping mall, a fundamental attack has been made upon our culture. Americans think that our talk about going to the toilet is weird and they prefer “bathroom.”

“Instead of referring to the 'restroom' or 'bathroom', Australians tend to excuse themselves for the 'toilet'. 'First and foremost is the use of the word "toilet". In Australia, instead of saying "bathroom", everybody says "toilet",' Emily said. 'Being a teacher, I would get asked every seven seconds "miss can I go toilet" and because the word "toilet" was just the word that was being used, it was the word that I started using. 'Then I came back... it's just awkward when you use the word "toilet" in the United States... I don't know it just feels weird coming out of your mouth.'”

     Here the Americans are wrong. The reason is logical, since a bathroom could just be that, a room with a bath in it, with no toilet at all. Saying that one was going to do one’s business in a bathroom would be just plain rude, let alone unhygienic. So, let us stick with the correct use of terms, which is what Aussies have done. Toilets are toilets and bathrooms are bathrooms, and never the twain shall meet.



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Saturday, 08 May 2021
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