In Defence of the Southpaw By Brian Simpson

     I take offence about the vilification that was given to southpaws, left handed people like me, by the following article at the so-called race realist site vDare. This site is more newsy, but its friend site, American Renaissance takes the line (which I have refuted in articles at this site), that East Asians are so much smarter than whites (Nordics). Wow, from the defenders of white civilisation too. Anyway, here is the vilification:

“A surprising number of recent US presidents have been southpaws. Obama, George W. Bush, Reagan, Carter and Ford would all have probably smudged their writing when they were at school. However, we are not evolved to be left-handed to any significant degree. According to New Zealand psychologist Michael Corballis, the human propensity to be right-handed is caused by our heightened ability to communicate. The left hemisphere controls vocalization in most species. As our ancestors learned to walk upright, they started using their hands to communicate as well as their voices. They used their right hand, because this is controlled by the left hemisphere. Increased use of the right hand meant that we started employing the right hand for pretty much everything. So, the “norm” is to be left-hemisphere-dominant for language. According to Corballis, if somebody is left-handed, this means that they are right-hemisphere dominant for language.

This can only happen if they have an asymmetrical brain structure, which uses the right-side more than it should. We are evolved to be symmetrical—that’s why the essence of beauty is symmetry—so it follows that left-handed people have more mutant genes, causing asymmetry directly; or a poor immune system, meaning they are not strong enough to maintain a symmetrical phenotype in the face of disease. Unsurprisingly, therefore, being left-handed is associated with numerous markers of “developmental instability”—that something has gone wrong; a situation generally reflective of “mutational load.” Left-handed people display elevated levels of depression, autism, slightly lower IQ (an average difference of about one point), outlier high IQ (which often happens due to mutation as it is associated with poor mental and physical heath) or outlier low IQ, psychopathic personality, homosexuality, pedophilia, transsexuality, and of numerous physical conditions, such as allergies. Unsurprisingly, southpaws thus end up with low a lower average socioeconomic status.”

     The writer, Lance Welton, seems to have an irrational hatred of left-handed people, because a number of US presidents that he does not like are left handed. No matter that most of the great genius of Western civilisation, and vDare is big on IQ and intelligence, were left-handed, such as Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Marie curie, Nicola tesla, Albert Einstein (their hero) and most of the creators of Western civilisation, which is the vDare/American Renaissance thing:

     The claims on IQ, one of the great fetishes of this American school, do not stand up to analysis, with the IQ of left-handed people generally being greater than right handed.

     There are a number of books which go further in taking apart the vile bs propagated by Welton, seeing right-handedness, which is left-brain dominance, as a major intellectual defect in Western civilisation. The relevant books which go into full neurological and philosophical detail are: I. McGilchrist, The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Modern World, (Yale University Press, 2012); R. Tweedy, The God of the Left Hemisphere, (Karnac Books, 2013). Basically, the right handers (left brain) have produced a utilitarian rationalist reductionist world that is hurtling towards destruction. The holistic left handers (right brainers), are generally opposed to this, but there are the few exceptions, noted by Welton, such as Obama, but that proves nothing, because there are exceptions to every rule (including that rule).  However, by far the most destructive forces have been right handers.

     Long live southpaws, and long may their innate genetic  superiority across all races flourish! Ha, there are no laws about crowing about the genetic superiority of handiness is there? We lefties must fight for our rights, as the most discriminated minority group on Earth, for the oppressive right-handers have made a world completely against us down to even writing and doorknobs! Now they are even plotting for our genocide, after suppressing lefters for thousands of years, burning us at the stake, and forcefully changing little lefties to righties. It has been brutal and we must fight back because our survival is at stake.



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Sunday, 20 September 2020
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