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Impeach All Peaches! Civil War 2.0 is Inevitable By Charles Taylor

     What has become known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, has certainly gripped the US Democrats, where after the candidate’s debate all they could agree upon is that Trump needs to be impeached because it is just not right that American whites should exist, I think. Thus, it is a hanging offence to ask the Ukrainian president to investigate possible crook actions by the Biden’s because, well, Democrats are always permitted to do crook things, as Hillary has done, and the worst crime is taking about it, and exposing it.

“Today we will answer the question: May a president ask a foreign country to investigate corruption if it serves his "personal, political" interests? The "personal, political" angle is the last gasp of the impeachment hysterics. (I'm looking at you, Sens. Rob Portman (Ohio), Susan Collins (Maine), Mitt Romney (Utah) and Ben Sasse (Nebraska).) Yes, Donald Trump is, technically, "president," and, yes, former Vice President Joe Biden used his government position to withhold foreign aid until the president of Ukraine fired a prosecutor looking into a company paying Biden's drug addict son millions of dollars for mysterious reasons. But, the impeachment fanatics assert, by asking a foreign leader to assist in an otherwise legitimate corruption investigation, Trump has committed a monstrous crime—because he was pursuing a "personal political interest." To wit: Trump was trying to harm his political opponent, Joe Biden. Apart from the blindingly obvious fact that you can't commit crimes and then escape justice simply by running for president, Democrats take official government action for "personal, political" reasons all the time. Frequently, they do so for the sole purpose of harming their political opponents.”

     So, even though Biden has in fact done far worse that what the liberal press are accusing Trump of doing, the mere fact that Trump wanted an investigation of crook Biden, is somehow an impeachable offence, as Biden’s crook actions, exposed, would benefit Trump! No, they do know about collateral actions and unintended consequences, and primary and secondary effects. Welcome to clown world, where the rules of logic and causality are thrown out of the window, and all that matters is the triumph of the will of political correctness.

     Once all of this sinks in to the minds of the deplorables out there, it is hard to see how Civil War 2.0 could be avoided if Trump is impeached on that illusory ground, and the great gun confiscation occurs.



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Friday, 10 July 2020
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