Immigration Discriminates Against Locals! By Bruce Bennett

     This is from America, but there is no reason to suppose that Australia is any different:

“Mass migration encourages mass discrimination against Americans, especially black employees, according to federal data unearthed by the Center for Immigration Studies. “You really have to be out of touch with reality to argue that there are no negative effects of immigration on native workers,” said Jason Richwine, a statistician who studied the issue for the Center for Immigration Studies. “Forty percent of the decline in labor participation rates among black workers over three decades was attributable to competition from illegal immigration,” labor lawyer Peter Kirsanow said at a CIS press event at the press club. That “comes to nearly 1 million fewer jobs for black Americans as a result of the competition from illegal immigrants … and it is the wage levels also,” Kirsanow told the audience on October 25. The huge impact of this discrimination is mostly ignored by wealthy “woke” professionals, who prefer to use discrimination claims as a political club against conservatives. The documented discrimination is just “the tip of the iceberg,” but left-wing critics have gone silent since Donald Trump was elected, said CIS director Mark Krikorian, Yet white-collar workers are also losing salaries and jobs because of discrimination, said Kevin Lynn, founder of Progressives for Immigration Reform:

The gains made by women and minorities in STEM fields over the past three decades have really been reversed. For example, today on average 12 percent of women earn degrees in computer science. In 1984 it was 37 percent. So you have to ask yourself what’s going on. Well, when the opportunities become scant and the workplaces become hostile to women, they typically choose other career alternatives. …. There is a preference for hiring Indians over Americans in these [Indian-run] consulting firms because, one, they will work longer hours. It’s a quiescent workforce, largely because they’re here on H-1B visas. And a lot of what goes into this is they are given the hope that their company will sponsor them for an – a green card, and then they’ll eventually get citizenship here in the U.S. Unfortunately for the American worker, that means that they’re competing with someone who is willing to work for less, work for increasingly lower benefits and other benefits that go along with their salaries, and it just ultimately makes things a lot more difficult.”

     What do the globalist economists say in support of nation-destroying immigration? Why, it creates jobs, and of course makes lots of short-term money in industries like real-estate, basically from making it impossible for locals to ever own a home. But, surely the jobs created are just soaked up by further waves of immigration?

     Clearly, it is only by organised political action, with mass protests and every other legal trick in the book, that anything will be done about this because our traitorous pollies treat us, and our opinions, with contempt. This is, after all, the Great Replacement. The political class only understand power. What a pity modern man has become so deracinated and emasculated and lacks the juices to fight back. Maybe more desperation will wring out the last drops of manhood.



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Monday, 19 April 2021
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