Immigration and Invasive Species Report By Charles Taylor

     Here in the US police officers are losing their jobs for enforcing immigration law, which goes to show that the cosmopolitan religion of open borders immigration transcends even the rule of law now; it is a fanatical cargo cult, a mass insanity march of Western civilisation to its socio-ecological doom:

“Left-wing socialist Democrats have moved portions of our country – the portions they control – to near-anarchy with destructive policies that include non-enforcement of duly passed laws. The most obvious of these have to do with immigration, or, rather, illegal immigration. Democrats are the authors and backers of so-called “sanctuary city” policies, which forbid local police officers from identifying and helping federal officials remove people who are not in our country legally. So enamored with open borders are today’s Leftist Democrats that they are beginning to punish officers who dare to cooperate with federal immigration agents in removing illegal aliens. As reported by Big League Politics, the police chief of Fairfax County, Va., suspended one of his officers this week for assisting Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents:

Fairfax County Police Chief Ed Roessler released a statement on Tuesday that the officer is being suspended for his behavior during a Sept. 21 traffic accident that took place in the Alexandria section of the Harrison Lane and South Kings Highway. After arriving to the accident scene, the officer found that one individual was not in possession of a driver’s license. He ran their information and found that the individual had skipped a deportation hearing and was wanted by ICE. He contacted an ICE agent, and the illegal alien was detained. Roessler said the illegal immigrant shouldn’t have been detained and remanded to the custody of ICE because he wasn’t being apprehended for violating any law — though he was driving a vehicle without a driver’s license (which is still against the law in Virginia for American citizens). The ‘offending’ policy officer has since been “relieved of all law enforcement duties pending the outcome of this investigation,” according to Roessler. He is charged with violating county police protocol, which declares that if “the individual is not in custody or being taken into custody for any other violation of law, officers shall not … take the individual into custody based solely upon the [Immigration Violators File] hit.”

Democrats are the party of anarchy. The chief says his officers are instructed at the police academy that “we do not enforce nor detain for administrative warrants, and we have no authority to enforce federal law.” “Our county is one of the most diverse counties in the nation and no one should have the perception that FCPD is acting as a civil immigration agent for ICE. This matter damages our reputation and the longstanding policy that I have stated many times that our officers shall not act as immigration agents,” he added. Translation: ‘We are using the diversity lie as an excuse to backhand President Trump’s immigration enforcement and to tell our own citizens we don’t care enough about their safety to protect them from lawless individuals.’ That’s what he should have said because it’s true. Just last year Fairfax County ruling Democrats voted to make their jurisdiction a full-on sanctuary for illegal aliens. So while local cops may not be under any legal obligation to enforce federal immigration laws, what is the legal liability for creating policies that openly defy federal law? Democrats pulled this with recreational marijuana if you recall. No matter what you think about pot, the fact is it remains against federal law, and under the so-called “Supremacy Clause” of the Constitution, federal laws supersede state laws and, therefore, must be enforced. Or, at a minimum, not impeded; sanctuary policies and state-implemented recreational pot laws impede federal law enforcement.Meanwhile, these sanctuary policies have real ramifications for American citizens. As Big League Politics notes, in adjacent Montgomery County, Md., illegal aliens have been accused of at least nine sex-related crimes — most of them alleged rapes.”

     Brett Stevens pens some interesting pieces, making controversial ideas seem common place. Here he compares immigration to invasive species, like your now Aussie cane toads, and many other things. The overall result is ecological collapse, as modelled by a population of rats being dumped on an island which was once rat-free, rats of course being a standard experimental animal to model humans, since humans are about 99 percent rat, as one psychologist said to me once:

“When the rats show up, they have a first mover advantage over the ecosystem, which never saw them coming. They bring new behaviors, and because they are not specialized, they have lower costs than specialized species, which do things like eat only a few plants or reproduce in only a few areas. Specialization is what allows them to have a niche and exist in balance and harmony with the rest of the ecosystem. Now imagine the disaster scenario: the rats have both a fast boat and penicillin. They land on a new island, eat everything in sight, breed quickly, and then look at each other, shrug, and move on to a new place. No disease can stop them, and they can work around starvation by moving on. These techno-rats will leave behind a string of dead islands, where the ecosystem is smashed and any life that exists is barely hanging on. This does not bother the rats, because they are still doing just fine. Nothing will stop their population from booming. They are conquerors by default. Technology insulates these rats from the normal consequences of a population bloom which is suicide by ecocide. Their ability to go ruin a new place saves them from their own instability and self-destructiveness. To the ecosystem, the rats resemble a cancer.

Invasive species always perform this role because they have traded an expensive thing, having a “culture” which adapts them to a certain niche, for a simple thing, which is eating and reproducing wantonly. Immigration acts like an invasive species because the immigrants have no need to uphold the culture and civilization in which they find themselves. They simply come to take advantage of what others have built. This means that instead of spending time, energy, and money on sustaining culture, they simply show up to work, take the pay check, take any free services offered, and treat the place like a hotel or apartment building. They cannot “assimilate” because doing so requires that they reject their origins and accept being of a non-culture, either falsely adopting the culture of another group or rejecting culture entirely and being simply consumer-citizen-customers of their new government. Leftists love immigration because their goal is equality of the individual, which requires tearing down any orders larger than the individual like culture, hierarchy, customs, faith, heritage, and family. They want the individual to rule over civilization.

Leftism also resembles an invasive species because, by throwing aside the need to maintain and develop what exists, the Left becomes more effective. They are laser-focused not on maintaining a society but taking it over, and in doing so, they have a lower cost burden than those who maintain. We are on the cusp of real change in the West. Since The Enlightenment,™ we have acted in order to make the individual more powerful than the order around him. The right answer always involved more equality, more defense against society and its standards, and more “me first” empowered living. With the downfall of globalism and liberal democracy, which created each other and are going down together, we see a new focus on ecosystem. That is, we see civilization as a thing with rights, including the rights of history and the yet unborn, much as we are starting to see nature as a thing with rights who needs to be an equal participant in our political and social process. This new ecosystemic view of which populism is a vanguard will look toward things larger than the individual and maintain them in order to provide opportunity to the individual, including the ability for the acts of the individual to persist beyond his lifetime.”

     The idea that civilisations, nations, races, ethnic groups and other social entities having rights is not so far fetched considering the grab bag of things that modern Leftism wants to assign rights to. Once one moves beyond economic liberal individualism, it is possible to reconceptualise the nature of man and society in ways not as destructive as the present ideological regime, that is, if this cultural war leaves anything to be saved at all. For more see:



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Saturday, 19 September 2020
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