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Immigration a Universal Solvent Dissolving Sweden By Richard Miller

     Yet more material proclaiming Sweden’s collapse. However, the metaphor used in this news piece is one of dissolution, bringing to mind acid reactions. Political scientist, whatever that means, Tommy Möller has said to a Swedish newspaper that Sweden’s mass immigration could result in the unravelling of Sweden’s Democratic welfare society:

“No matter what happens, no one can deny that our society has undergone significant changes as a result of the extensive immigration, and these demographic changes will permeate Swedish politics for the foreseeable future,” Moller said and highlighted the rise of the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats (SD) who have topped recent opinion polls. “Problems in health care and school, the municipalities’ increased costs for supply support, housing shortages and, not least, the accelerating gang crime – all of these are problems and some of them have been linked by SD with immigration,” he said. Mass migration has been linked to several of those issues such as in the southern city of Malmo where the vast majority of shooting suspects in a Swedish media report released earlier this year were from migrant backgrounds. Municipalities who took in large shares of asylum seekers and migrants since the height of the 2015 migrant crisis have also seen financial difficulties, such as the municipality of Bengtsfors which claimed it risked bankruptcy earlier this year.”

     It is hard to believe that people have simply put up with their country being transformed into a war zone, with grenade attacks, rapes, murders, you name it:

     Still, Sweden is not alone here, for the US elites are already well advanced in pushing the open borders view of America, with the demographic changes, that the media are now openly gloating about, set to make it impossible for any Republican victory in the future, not that Republicans and the conservative movement in general care, because worrying about white replacement, they have been told is “racist,” so just die quietly, no fuss please. That is just the beginning, for the elites are using fear of China as an excuse for pushing the US population to one billion, then to the entire Third World universe:

“The nation’s Military-Industrial Complex needs to import at least 600 million immigrants to counter the growing push by China for world power, says a forthcoming book by Matthew Yglesias, the top editor at the influential progressive website, The One Billion Americans book is “a bold case for massive population growth in the name of national greatness,” says the blurb from the publisher, Penguin Random House. The press release continues: America is in decline. Fewer children are born each year due to financial pressure. Thousands flee our iconic cities with their housing shortages and broken infrastructure. While we tie ourselves into knots trying to stop the flow of immigrants, our exhausted economy deflates the heartland’s already shrinking population. To survive China’s impending global takeover (not to mention Russia), we can’t afford to be weak. We need to get bigger, much bigger. We need one billion Americans. The United States has a population of roughly 320 million Americans, so Yglesias’s plan would require a population boost of at least 600 million. If the migrants are imported over 20 years, his plan requires that annual immigration be raised from roughly one million legal immigrants to at least 15 million legal immigrants. The blurb does not describe how much extra cash the 320 million Americans will have to pay for housing as the 600 million people compete for decent housing — any housing — in cities and suburbs.”

     No doubt the idea is to make the entire US into a giant Vancouver, an Asian city. But what then is the point, it would be cheaper to cut out the middle man and just surrender now to China? Demographically it is all the same in the end.



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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