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Immigration: “A Threat to Existence” By Chris Knight

     Immigration is a threat to existence; that is something that needs to be written in the sky:

“On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” nationally syndicated conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said President Donald Trump was right to declare a national emergency on the U.S.-Mexico border to build a wall. Limbaugh, “We have an emergency. This is an invasion. The very existence and definition of American culture, American society, the rule of law. Why does nobody talk about the fact that millions and millions and millions of people are breaking the law coming here illegally and that the Democrat Party wants that to happen?” He added, “It is undeniable that we have a major immigration problem and a political party that needs a permanent underclass of voters that wants that parade of illegal people who are uneducated, don’t even speak the language, they want them here. It is a crisis.”

     That is the US situation now, but Australia will be in the same boat if the more radical elements of the Labor Party control border lack-of-control-issues, as they did in the Gillard era. All the stuff talked about in the US context is going to be relevant to Australians when they too join the open borders party. At the moment demographic displacement is being done by legal migration, so the Big Australia end of town can make a fast busk, while ending traditional Australia. But, the action will get ramped up after the next election, when the illegals return with a vengeance and every university pinko gets his/her wish for swamping.



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Saturday, 04 July 2020
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