If You Love Trump Then You are Responsible for the Killings Too! By Charles Taylor

     The title of the article is: “The El Paso Killer Loved Trump. Do You? Then You’re Responsible, Too.” A great title. Concise and power-packed with logic.

     What, even after Trump condemned white supremacism, and moved for more gun control? Sure, not good enough. It’s all white racism, see:

     But by the same “logic” the Dayton shooter, who was Left and supported Satanism, would that be a strike against Leftism? Apparently, logic does not work that way, inference only counts against the Dissent Right:

     But, what about statistics? What if the typical mass shooter was not a white male at all?

“The attacks in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, over the weekend that have taken at least 31 lives have put a spotlight on the problem of young, isolated white men carrying out mass shootings. But a list of the people arrested or charged in the 255 mass shootings recorded this year — defined as four or more people shot or killed — shows the problem isn’t confined to white men or motivations of white supremacy. If there’s a thread, it’s young men whose biological father was missing in their lives. After the Parkland school massacre in Florida, the Heritage Foundation cited a study showing that among the 25 most-cited school shooters since Columbine, 75 percent were reared in broken homes. Most, according to psychologist Peter Langman, an expert on school shooters, came from homes that also experienced infidelity, substance abuse, criminal behavior, domestic violence and child abuse. More than 520 people have died in mass shootings this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive, and at least 2,000 have been injured. The Gateway Pundit noted that more than 140 mass shootings this year remain unsolved largely because no one will give descriptions to the police. At least 20 of the mass shootings this year were in Chicago.”

     In fact, over the same weekend as the two shootings, in Chicago, gangs killed 8 people and injured 43 others in shootings. But that does not fit the politically correct narrative. That agenda always comes before any consideration of the facts.

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