If Nothing is Truly Scandinavian, then Nothing is Truly Globalist as Well! By Richard Miller

     As an example of the extreme deracination of modern times, a Scandinavian airline, SAS put out an ad saying that there is nothing Scandinavian, and that everything is copied. It is the standard politically correct anti-Nordic thing to do, but the interesting thing is that the ad was pulled after massive criticism.

“A Scandinavian airline has pulled an advert after it was criticised by anti-immigration parties for belittling the region's history and culture. "What is truly Scandinavian? Absolutely nothing. Everything is copied," the SAS advert begins. The iconic Swedish meatball, Danish pastry, and Scandinavian parental leave are then attributed to Turkey, Austria and Switzerland. SAS said they believe they were the target of a co-ordinated online attack. The advert pointed out that liquorice came from China, windmills were invented in Iran, and that the progressive politics the Nordics are known for originated in Greece and the US. "We take everything we like on our trips abroad, adjust it a little bit, and it's a unique Scandinavian thing," the advert, which was taken down on Wednesday, claimed. Danish & Co Noa agency produced the campaign, which SAS defended as highlighting how travel "inspires individuals and societies." Politicians with Danish and Swedish anti-immigration populist parties criticised the message.”

     This site put the view that the media was regarding criticism of SAS as a Russian conspiracy, showing the falsity of the position, since few cultures could have elites, so bloody stupid, which must be unique in human history!

“The criticism of SAS's anti-Scandinavian commercials is blamed in Swedish media in Russia and Nazis. In an editorial, Aftonbladet accuses those who are upset over the film for being a "troll" who "stands ready to run Putin's affairs". State-owned SAS campaign films, which assume that there is no Scandinavian culture but that everything is just "copied", continues to arouse hot feelings. As a panic measure, the airline chose to take down the video from Youtube during the night. On Wednesday, however, the video came up again - and at the time of writing, it has received over 35,000 "thumbs down" markings. In the Swedish media, however, the criticism storm is dismissed as a conspiracy. Aftonbladet's Jenny Wennberg, for example, writes an editorial with the headline "Real Sweden friends don't run Putin's affairs". According to Wennberg, the many upset people are just "useful idiots" who "ply anti-Swedish interests in Russia". "The fact that there are Swedish actors running cases for foreign power is very worrying. Equally worrying is the Swedes' naivety for how our own actions in social media play a role in impact campaigns against Sweden," the editorial says. Other newspapers have also put forward conspiracy theories about the criticism of SAS. Dagens Nyheter writes on news site that SAS removed the film "after criticism from, among others, SD's party secretary Richard Jomshof and the Nazi Northern Front". Expressen has taken the help of a "researcher" to identify the "Russian link" in the train.”


“The video’s claim that “nothing” is truly Scandinavian has sparked some humorous responses. For one, there’s a request for SAS to change their name to NAS — “Nothing Airlines” — and a treasure trove of meme content spreading throughout twitter both in SAS’ mentions  and in the hashtag #SASGate.”

     Things may be changing, since only a few years ago, they would have not pulled the ad. Keep up the good work Vikings, you have a long way to go yet.



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Sunday, 24 January 2021
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