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If Murky Merkel is Leader of the Free World, then Pigs Fly, and Become Migrants By Richard Miller

     According to the magic of Google’s search engines, the leader of the free world, whatever that was, is Germany’s immigration crazed East German style communist Angela Merkel, who has transformed Germany into a modern version of  hell:

“Thanks to its reliance on information from Wikipedia, the top Google search result for “leader of the free world” is not the President of the United States, with whom the term is normally associated, but crisis-engulfed German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Searches for the term currently return a picture of Merkel as the top result, and two links to the Wikipedia page on “free world.” Immediately following those results is a CNN opinion piece stating that President Trump is “no longer leader of the free world.”

     All that shows is that information produced by the IT system, The Matrix, is highly socially constructed, and often will be false news, if not outrightly bizarre news. And, most of the time, our news is so crazy that one could not have sat down and cooked it up, even after consuming a bottle of DJ Scotch whiskey.



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Thursday, 16 July 2020
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