If Macron is a Globalist, Why Should America Pay for His Ravings? By Charles Taylor

     French president Macron has gone on the attack against nationalism, targeting Trump, and even wanting a New World order EU army. All of this and more came out at the Paris peace Forum, where he hoped to shine like a star, but France did not foot much of the bill:

“You see, even as Macron is zapping Trump for being a nationalist, the French president will be pushing, in Trump’s absence, a whole new initiative built around—you guessed it—globalism. As the Post also reported, “The president plans to fly home just as Macron’s Paris Peace Forum kicks off for three days of meetings aimed at galvanizing global action on shared challenges, such as climate change.” The Post quoted Thomas Wright, a Europe expert at the Brookings Institution, saying that Macron planned the Paris Peace Forum as “a counterpoint to ‘America First.’” Thus we can see: All the “Macron Attacks Trump” headlines are part of a deliberate strategy. … Under “Main Partners” and “Grand Partners,” we see such liberal reliables as the Carnegie Corporation, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Open Society Foundations. That last group, of course, is the outfit founded and funded by George Soros; just in 2017, he gave his philanthropic tool another $18 billion. So we can see: Macron has done a great job of rounding up the usual suspects of limousine liberalism. 

Moreover, the Silicon Valley tech lords are well represented, too, starting with Facebook. It was just last year, after all, that CEO Mark Zuckerberg published a manifesto aimed at saving the world, and so the Facebook reps in Paris should be rapturously received. Google and Microsoft are partners, too, making it a safe bet that the words coming from the Paris meeting will include no meaningful criticism of Big Tech. Indeed, a further look shows that the Paris Peace Forum has received donations from a large number of multinational corporations, banks, and law firms. Yes, there’s a lot of money gathered in the City of Lights; after all, globalism isn’t just a utopian ideology, it’s also a big business. And, of course, the media are well represented, too; one such partner is The New York Times.

Yet it’s also interesting to see that many of the partners are international organizations. Yup, there are a bunch of ‘em, including the International Energy Agency, the International Monetary Fund, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Also noteworthy are the many United Nations entities, including the International Labor Organization, the United Nations Development Programme, and UNESCO. What’s particularly interesting here, as well, is that American taxpayers are paying much of the freight for all these groups. It’s not surprising, of course, that globalcrats want more institutional “turf.” And yet it is startling to contemplate how much of this turf-building is being paid for by the U.S.  

For example, the annual budget for the U.N. is about $2.7 billion, of which the U.S. pays 22 percent, or $600 million. And yet as the Council of Foreign Relations—no enemy of the U.N.—reported last year, there are plenty of U.N. side programs that the U.S. contributes to as well, including food and peacekeeping missions. Thus the actual American outlay, in 2016, was more than $10 billion. So the Paris Peace Forum will consist, in part, of global organizations teaming up with Macron to grow still more global governance, while Uncle Sugar foots much of the bill.”

     You have to hand it to the globalists, making the US taxpayer foot the lion’s share of the bill for their bs-fest. It is the old thing about digging one’s own grave. 



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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