Huawei and the Rise of China; Why I am Not Surprised By James Reed

     I have not fully digested everything about the current fears over China’s mega-high-tech firm, Huawei, but the internet has numerous mainstream articles and items expressing alarm about what is going on. Thus, The Epoch Times of December 2018, has an entire special edition devoted to the “company’s opaque operations.” The Chinese Communist Party has a big role in the company’s leadership, and why should we be surprised at that? Well, this raises the issue about whether the company shares data with the Chinese authorities. But, again I think, no shock here, why would they not, for this is not a liberal capitalist country, but a communist dictatorship, and that is what they do? The West seems to be upset that China is not playing by the liberal/globalist rules, but why should China?

     Should we astonished to learn that Huawei plays a role in the Chinese Communist Party’s surveillance of the entire society? Why would it not? Thus, nothing surprising for anyone who knows even a little about how China works. I offer no condemnation, because that is just how things are, and the naïve West needs to understand that is how the game is played now.
Here are some more mainstream internet sites saying much the same thing:

     To sum it all up, if you don’t want China to spy on you, then don’t use a Chinese phone, or don’t use a phone at all, or don’t say anything on a phone that you do not want the whole world to know. China is not the only entity listening, you know. I don’t have a phone and have learnt to love silence again. Globalisation has created this problem, and it will in turn destroy globalisation from its own internal contradictions, to parody some hairy old commo philosopher.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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