How Soon before the University Bubble Bursts? By James Reed

     I watch every day for the crisis which will take down the universities and put them out of their misery. Here is a trend of growing failure in the US:

“‘It’s going to be brutal across American higher education’ As the higher education bubble bursts, will it pop dramatically like a pricked balloon or will it fizzle out like an air mattress with a small hole? It looks like the answer has become clear — the higher ed bubble is popping, slowly but surely. Over the weekend, CBS This Morning featured a segment titled “Why more houses of higher education are shutting down.” It focused on how nearly a half-dozen colleges in the New England area have closed over the last year or so: Green Mountain College, College of St. Joseph, Southern Vermont College, Atlantic Union College and Newbury College. An education expert told CBS it’s just the tip of the iceberg. “I think 25 percent of schools will fail in the next two decades,” said Michael Horn, an expert on education trends. “They’re going to close, they’re going to merge, some will declare some form of bankruptcy to reinvent themselves. It’s going to be brutal across American higher education.” Horn cited several factors, including the fact that more families are having fewer kids, which means fewer students to educate. But he also talked about the rise of faster, cheaper and more flexible and affordable programs. Advancements in technology are certainly playing a role in how higher education is being reshaped. In February 2019 the Chronicle of Higher Education in its special report headlined “The Rise of the Mega-University” detailed how online degrees are becoming popular, especially with older and non-traditional students. “At a time when many colleges are struggling with shrinking enrollment and tighter budgets, Southern New Hampshire is thriving on a grand scale, and it’s not alone. Liberty, Grand Canyon, and Western Governors Universities, along with a few other nonprofit institutions, have built huge online enrollments and national brands in recent years by subverting many of traditional higher education’s hallmarks. Western Governors has 88,585 undergraduates, according to U.S. Education Department data, more than the top 14 universities in the annual U.S. News & World Report rankings combined,” the Chronicle reported.”

     These same social trends are operating in Australia, so the future will be like the US as our sacred immigration recruitment centres ultimately collapse. And not about time too. The universities have long outlived their usefulness and are now pathological cesspools of political correctness, swamps that need rapid chemical spraying and draining before all traditionalist biodiversity is destroyed.

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Monday, 17 February 2020
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