How Long Before China Declares War? By James Reed

     First the situation gets inflamed, then there is a trigger event that finally pushes things over the edge, and war happens, so that all of the “Mother Courage” types can get richer, unless of course it turns into full-on nuclear apocalypse, in which case, the parasites of war die too.

“The arrest of a top Chinese technology executive by Canadian authorities acting at the behest of the United States is threatening to upend the Trump administration’s efforts to sustain a trade truce with China. The arrest of Sabrina Meng, the chief financial officer of China’s largest mobile phone marker, has been condemned by Chinese officials, who are calling for her immediate release. The U.S. has reportedly requested Meng be extradited to New York, where she would reportedly face federal charges of violating Iran sanctions. Hu Xijin, the editor in chief of the Global Times, described the arrest as a “declaration of war” against China, according to the New York TimesThe Global Times is a state-run newspaper whose views are thought to reflect the ruling communist party in China. Hu’s comments were made on Weibo, a Twitter-like service, the New York Times reported.”

     Anyway, let’s not have the fear of annihilation deaden our Christmas cheer. This year I will be buying with my pension Spam ham, high sodium, and a cheap Christmas cake from Coles. Maybe even a carton of custard to tip over the whole sorry mess, if Coles has it reduced on Christmas eve. It sounds like something other lonely old men, like Uncle Len, who nobody has heard from for months, will do. Hopefully, he did not die in his shed in the heat.



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Thursday, 15 April 2021
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