How Google Cheats; Algorithms from Hell By Brian Simpson

     President Trump has been attacking Gooooogle, which I like to write with an excessive number of ‘o’ signs, as if it were a clown organisation.  But where is the proof that Google, said clown organisation, is setting up the dice against conservatives? Well there was an experimental test done, which sadly did not involve clowns:

“YouTube’s search algorithm update appears to favor videos from mainstream outlets over those from independent YouTubers, according to a report by Information Liberation, which studied the placement of an interview with Ann Coulter in the site’s search results. A recent report from appears to show that even when searching for a particular YouTube video by it’s exact title, similarly themed videos from mainstream sources will be ranked above the titled video due to YouTube’s new search algorithm. The video used to test this was a clip of conservative commentator Ann Coulter’s recent appearance on C-Span which was titled “How Trump Should Deal With Cohen & Manafort – Ann Coulter.” When this exact title was placed into YouTube’s search function, 22 other videos were listed ahead of the C-Span clip. The other videos relating to Cohen and Manafort and were published by the likes of CBS, MSNBC, Fox, CNN, the Washington Post and multiple other mainstream outlets. The screenshot below from shows just how far a YouTube viewer would have to scroll down to find the C-Span clip.”

     Queen Ann is firing on all cylinders at the moment in a relentless attack on the degenerate system, so this is to be expected. I tried my own experiment with googling collapse a few days ago, and found the site way down the list of collapse stories, even though I added the word “news.” But, when I tried it a moment ago, the search worked fine and I went straight to the site. That is for what it is worth.



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Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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