How Does Africa Deal with Illegal Immigration? By James Reed

     No doubt people like Trump need to learn from Africa, and if he replicates African border control policies, well how can the crazed Demo-rats object, without withering under the rusty iron lash of racism? Oh, the pain!

“African borders are often a tangle of razor wire, with soldiers at crossing points checking papers, waving on those with valid IDs and turning back the rest. Even so, an estimated 1,200 undocumented migrants every night cross the Limpopo River, South Africa’s equivalent of the Rio Grande separating the U.S. and Mexico. Most are from Zimbabwe, where shortages of food and fuel and an unemployment rate of more than 80% have sparked a steady exodus to the more stable and more prosperous South Africa. A milewide “dead zone” fenced on both sides stretches east and west from Beit Bridge, the sole legal crossing between the two countries. Police and military are on patrol day and night. Some of those caught say they are beaten and sent back. Others pay bribes and go on to Johannesburg, the financial hub of South Africa and a city whose economy is larger than the whole of Zimbabwe’s. The beefed-up border is a startling sight for a continent where such barriers not long ago were the rare exception rather than the norm. Human rights groups say borders across the continent are becoming harder to cross, with guns, dogs and government policies determined not just to keep out illegal crossers, but also to return those who still have no status after entering up to a decade ago. This year, Angola has deported an estimated 330,000 “irregular migrants” who have fled ethnic violence.”

     Oh, of course, now I see. The refugees need to do a full round the world trip, through South America to get to the US, land of milk and honey and soft hearts, collecting oppression along the way, for they can hardly stop at the first port of call can they? Go on, go on, take them all in until your sweet little capitalist consumer society bursts. Then it will be the time that only people like Freddy Nietzsche (1844-1900), have only whispered about:



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Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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