How Can We Help China Buy Up Even More of Australia?! By Peter West

     Well I am getting into practice for the new regime of ultimate multiculturalism and no free speech, which means that China must not be criticised but eternally worshipped. So be it, it is 2020 now, we fought the good fight, all two of us, and lost. In 2018 china owned 10 times the amount of land that it did in 2017, but now in 2020, somehow China now owns 200 percent of the land! Mathematicians are at a loss to explain this, but since one can decompose a pea, and reassemble it to form two balls as big as the sun in maths, anything is possible:

     After being sent to a psychiatric re-education camp, which began in 2018 when a court first ordered  Le Pen to under go psychiatrist evaluation, I have abandoned nationalism and embraced our Chinese future. Now I work campaigning for the eradication of borders, the elimination of the Australian constitution, and for Australia to become a state of China, and ultimately a nuclear waste dump, as numerous past “Australian”  plump and prime ministers advocate. Then I awoke in fear, sweating. It was a nightmare, I had not been subjected to a “clockwork orange,” yet,   but reality is set to become a nightmare. That will be the future unless we all begin fighting. Our brains will be taken out, and washed clean of all that we presently hold dear.

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