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How About Some Dirt on the Clintons’ and Obama’s Morality Now? By Charles Taylor

     Readers will know that I have no love for Trump seeing earthworms as infinitely more useful than him. Indeed, these fine creatures work to preserve life, by eating “crap,” but Trump just produces toxic waste that drowns us morally. Nevertheless, for every one of his sins, Bill the boy  Clinton has a bigger one, yet he is given a free ride by the mainstream media, even while prezzy. Reflect upon this bias and then think about what would happen if the miracle occurred again and a real challenge to the evil Lords of Mordor became president.

     Of course, it will not happen. But, I have the fantasy; what if the ordinary folk said: to hell with it, I have spent five minutes on the net reading alternative media such as this, and will fight! I don’t care what happens to me or my consumer goodies. To hell with liberal individualism and hedonistic consumerism. I will joint the heroes of the past in a last stand. But, then something wakes me from my day dream, and I look at the happy shoppers in the supermarket, and know that this will all continue until it does not.

     Obama gay sex cocaine claims, all claimed by the Left to be false news,  need to be run to ground by the FBI, who have plenty of time on their hands: 



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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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