Hope May Lie with Gen Z, the Last Alpha bet Generation by Tom North

Don’t despair – help may be on the way – coming up the generational ladder. While Generation X and Y were arguably as selfish as the baby boomers, Generation Z, born in the year 2001 or later, are more conservative than any generation since those born before 1945:

On issues such as same-sex marriage, transgenderism and marijuana legalisation, according to UK survey research by global brand consultancy firm, The Gild, 59 percent of the Gen Z sample described this attitudes as being between “moderate” and “conservative.” On the other hand 83 percent of Gen Y and 85 percent of Gen X were “quite” or “very literal.”
This is very hopeful because Gen Z has been subject to unrelenting politically correct propaganda and attempted brainwashing in schools. However, as the most computer literate of all generations, it seems that they have used the internet to de-program themselves. I have three boys, two who are Gen Y and one Gen Z and the Gen Z boy is, if there is such a turn of phrase, radically conservative.



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Friday, 18 September 2020
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