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Hong Kong Horrors By James Reed

     The Hong Kong protests, which started as most of this “coloured revolution” globalist backed protests, began as something seemingly innocent, involving umbrellas, has now spiralled into violence, with setting things on fire being the latest strategy. Thus, an older man who disagreed with the protesters was set on fire. Another old man had his head smashed in by a brick, which could have been accidental. Lots of other things have been smashed and set on fire. So much for peaceful democratic protests, it is much like the mischief that our Left and antifa get up to here. Yes, the universities, and university students are in the thick of it, as always, and this will continue as long as these moribund institutions exist.

     There are many points to fairly criticise China on, such as its imperialism and colonialism, but, China is aided by local traitors, and I bear them no hate. For the money, Hong Kong is part of China, under China’s laws, and it is simply civil disobedience to be undertaking the actions these protestors are doing. China is no a democracy, so let’s live with that. 
Remarkable restrain has been exercised by China, but I expect its patience is growing thin.



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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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