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Hold Onto Your Hat: Here Comes Nuclear War! By James Reed

     That is the conclusion which I have made after reading the latest news reports, claiming that US is now preparing for a imminent  North Korean nuclear strike: The Weekend Australian, August 5-6, 2017, p. 15. I note the irony of many now calling for Australia to develop defences against missiles, not only from North Korea, but also our great trading partner China: The Australian, August 4, 2017, p. 1 Why then did you elites feed the dragon in the first place and help make it so strong? Why should the national security elite and other members of the nervous political class talk about the “Chinese nuclear menace” now, after helping to build this very thing? Pig Iron Bob would be proud. So much for the Asianisation rhetoric.

     From what I have read, even if the US can shoot down North Korea’s nuclear missiles – and that is a big “if” – it is certain that North Korea can destroy the city of Seoul, which would severely impact upon the world’s high tech infrastructure. Worse would be a successful EMP attack on the US, which could kill 90 percent of Americans: Probably even more Australians would die in an EMP attack, given our high level of urbanisation. Not many Australians are prepared for anything, beyond fast food, drugs and grog.

     It is worthwhile for readers to have a look at this classic nuclear war survival book, which contains useful lessons for surviving most disasters:
And, take up prayer, big time.



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Tuesday, 14 July 2020
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