High IQ People Talk about the Coming Collapse … Be Concerned By Peter West

     The link below is to a video featuring Fred Markert of The IsaacNewtonproject.com, who is an expert in the rise and fall of civilisations. The short of the long is that the West is now spiralling into collapse. Markert was a former communist, but now a Christian and he argues that only a return to Christian living can save us, because Western civilisation is terminally sick e.g. abortion, the gender agenda, loss of freedom etc. That’s right, not by economics, but by a spiritual revolt against the decency of the modernists.

“People who have seen this interview are raving about its impact on their lives, and some have personally texted me and told me they almost couldn’t watch the last half because it was “too scary,” but after they watched all the way through, they understood the importance of the discussion. If you watch just one video this week, make it this one. It’s a can’t-miss, high-IQ discussion about why America has already passed the tipping point and is headed for a cultural, financial and moral collapse from which no nation in history has recovered. It’s more than just America, too: This discussion warns about the collapse of all of Western civilization. When a nation begins to maim its children in the name of LGBT progressivism, for example, it’s one of the last signs that collapse is imminent. And America is already there. If this nation doesn’t immediately denounce child mutilations, child murder (abortion), child rape (pedophilia, widely practiced by Democrats) and other heinous sins such as using aborted fetal tissue in vaccines, we will not exist much longer.”

     We have been adequately warned.



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Friday, 18 September 2020
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