Hiding Migrant Crimes By Richard Miller

     With all the rhetoric about the need for Europeans to import billions of rocket scientists to pay for boomer pensions, this comes as a shock:

“The Dutch immigration minister has stepped down following outcry over a government migrant crime report which hid serious migrant crimes including rape and murder under the category of “other”. Resigning from his position on Tuesday, Mark Harbers stressed that no “deliberate concealment” of the figures had taken place, but said he took “full responsibility” for having “misinformed” the Dutch Parliament with regards to the report. The Ministry of Justice document, which recorded crimes in which asylum seekers were the suspects, listed the number of various misdemeanours, such as shoplifting and pickpocketing while failing to identify much more serious offences like murder, child abuse, and rape as these were simply lumped together under the heading “other.”

     Shocking as this may be, it does amount to much in the scheme of things compared to the British police who allowed tens of thousands, if not a million, rapes of British children because they did not want to look “racist.”

     Easy meat indeed. But, the people of Britain are so cucked that this is just dirty water off of a British duck’s back.



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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