Hey, Want to Know Why Our Students are So Behind at School? By James Reed

     The answer my friend is political correctness, that flows through the modern Australian schools like a giant floodwater, which is discussed in general by Dr Bolton in Revolution from Above:

“English students face being drilled in the politics of class, race, gender and sexuality, as an influential teacher advocacy group seeks to push social justice issues into the classroom.

The Victorian Association for the Teaching of English, a professional body backed by the state government, will host its annual conference next month, unveiling a program to highlight “the iconoclasts, the dissidents and the marginalised” and celebrate individuals “who will not, or cannot, swim in the mainstream”.

Headlining the two-day event will be former Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs and GetUp! campaigner Shen Narayanasamy, who will deliver keynote speeches.  Left-leaning political commentator Van Badham will also appear as a guest speaker.

The focus of the event, which VATE president Emily Frawley confirmed had been designed with social justice in mind, has alarmed some education experts, who have questioned the role of “political activists” at the event and the push to embed divisive “identity politics” into the curriculum.

Sessions include “Stand Up For The Outsiders’’, which will explore teaching strategies for “empowering students to speak to issues of class, gender and race”, and ‘‘We Want Gender Equality’’, on “how the plight of woman over time has not changed”. There will also be a discussion of Jeanette Winterson’s 1987 novel The Passion, which is billed as “post modernism, queer theory and a romping tale to boot”, while ‘‘Reflections On Growing Up Different In Australia’’ will look at “migration, racism and identity” in various texts.”

     The fact is that every aspect of the Arts, Humanities, History and most other Social Sciences at high school, is full of political correctness. I saw this in the early days before retirement. English is simply appalling. Think of your worst nightmare, and some child is having this forced into his/her tiny brain right at this moment, in some school, somewhere.

     This has motivated me to recommend closing down the universities, but as well as that we need to begin shutting down conventional high schools. Home schooling would be ideal, but students should be able to study, perhaps using the internet, English, the Arts and Humanities, outside of the conventional school framework. Then, these Leftist teachers can be made redundant and sacked. Perhaps there would be jobs made available for them doing road work by hand in the bush, helping outback communities? Just a thought.

     An attack upon the minds of an entire generation is being permitted. No civilisation can survive this, so unless “good men” start to fight back, expect the future to see our children reduced to the level of savages, dragging clubs behind them as they struggle to find the words to express themselves.



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Saturday, 12 June 2021
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