Here’s What British Police Get Up to: Policing Kiddies While the Ghouls Roam Free By Richard Miller

     Imagine that you are in Orwellian Britain, which is Australia in a few years’ time. The kids are having a birthday party, playing with toy guns. Everybody is having fun, but then the police arrive ready to kill everybody:

“Police swooped on a boy's eighth birthday party after bangs from plastic toy Nerf guns were mistaken for real gunfire. The officers were deployed after a neighbour reported the sound of children screaming in the quiet village of Yaxham, Norfolk. But moments after arriving they found Oliver Green celebrating his birthday by shooting the soft brightly-coloured bullets with his friends in the toy gun battle. And when police asked what was happened, Oliver told them: 'I am the birthday boy officer, but I am not sure what I have done wrong.”

Fortunately the children were not gunned down, or had to face killer robots armed with C4 being sent to blow then to pieces. After all, this is on the anarcho-tyranny time track, since British  police have come down like a ton of donuts on children playing with toy guns before:

“Three 12-year-old children were arrested by five police officers who then fingerprinted them and took DNA samples, after the youngsters were seen playing with a toy gun. Northumbria Police said new government guidelines on recording crime brought in on 1 April forced officers to take a strict line on weapons incidents. They said highly realistic mock firearms now made it harder for officers to tell whether the gun was genuine or not. But the father of a young girl who was arrested following the incident in Ashington, Northumberland, said: "It was handled all wrong and was very traumatic for her."

The children, one girl and two boys, were playing a James Bond game on a Sega Megadrive games console before they decided to act out the game near their homes. Officers treated the incident as a public order offence, but the girl's parents called the police approach "heavy-handed". The girl's father said: "All they were doing was playing a cops and robbers-type game like people have done for years. "It was handled all wrong and was very traumatic for her."

     Meanwhile crime rages out of control in Britain, especially diverse minority White London:

     One must feel sorry for overworked British police, who have to devote all of their energies to policing thought crimes and controlling kiddies playing games. There is simply no steam left over to worry about knife-slashing terrorists.



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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