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Here Come the Zombies! By Brian Simpson

     Wow, just, wow, urban decay is proceeding very fast. People are now basically acting like insects, or consuming insect spray: 

“One of the newest and deadliest drugs is also one of the cheapest.  Dubbed “KD” or “Katie” or “Zombie”, the drug turns users into strange crazed zombies reminiscent of the effect of the bath salts drug. This drug may contain different ingredients, but the common denominator is always bug spray.  According to Natural News, the users take marijuana, banana leaves, tobacco, or spice and lace it with a bug spray, most often Raid. This concoction is then smoked, giving users a 45-minute high that leaves them virtually unconscious and crazed zombies. While some people choose to make their own drugs, other users simply buy it for around $20 a bag on the black market. Irrespective of where they get it, however, it is incredibly addictive and can be absolutely lethal. In recent weeks, the use of bug spray enhanced drugs has risen dramatically. Since the cost of this drug is so low, expectations that its popularity will fizzle out are also low.

Indianapolis medics have had to deal with around a dozen KD overdoses each day, with some people overdosing repeatedly on the same day. Even for those users who don’t actually overdose on KD, its effects are incredibly disturbing and cause what has been described by authorities as “zombie-like” reactions.  Onlookers have described users saying they become “slow and lethargic,” drool and lose all motor function or the ability to communicate with others. In short, while in the throes of a high, KD users become totally unaware of and utterly unable to control their actions. “We find them with their clothes off, eating the grass, pulling dirt out of the ground and trying to put it in their mouth,” Fire Department Captain Chris Major told CBS-affiliate WTTV. “You look at what it does to a bug,” firefighter Scott Lebherz told the Indy Star, “and then you got to think what it’s doing to your brain, and your body and everything else.”

     I don’t think it is possible to adequately understand what is happening outside of a spiritual framework, and a Christian one at that. It is not implausible to suppose that these sorts of activities, which are simply ghoulish, are ultimately demonic in nature and caused by demonic, satanic spirits? I know that the secular materialists like to make fun of Christians for such thoughts, and many Christians don’t want to think about the “dark side,” but it is clearly out there in the world. Don’t forget prayer, for it is your spiritual protection when leaving home and entering the mean streets.



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Wednesday, 08 July 2020
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