Have a Cuppa and a Laugh! By James Reed

     This YouTube clip is very interesting, but the comments underneath are gut-bustingly funny. Police try to break down a door, but fail. Everything they tried (no explosives) fail. The comments speculate about what happens next; the crook inside dies of old age; or changes his ways becomes a cop and comes to help break down his own door; the door is unlocked and opens out; there is a wall behind a false door and so on. There are certainly some amusing things on YouTube, making it an escape almost as good as getting blind drunk. In fact, getting blind drunk, then surfing YouTube may be the best thing of all. Ok Vera, you can eat chocolate whilst surfing and drinking, not that you see any benefits to alcohol.

Now Aliens are going to Destroy Us because of Glob...
The Heart of Chocolate By Mrs Vera West


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Wednesday, 01 April 2020
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