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Ha, Ha, Hollywood By Chris Knight

     Hollywood “stars” have been out in force, leading marches and gun banning protests. But, this may not go on forever if present box office trends continue:

“Hollywood is suffering one of the worst domestic March downturns in its recent history, according to the latest comScore box office figures. By Sunday, the month’s total box office intake was approximately $722.5 million, a 27 percent fall compared to the same period last year, with releases such as Pacific Rim Uprising and Tomb Raider failing to bring in audiences relative to their large budgets. The month’s figures have also been significantly boosted by carryover revenue from February’s Black Panther, which has generated in $200 million this month alone and since become the highest grossing superhero film in history. Nevertheless, the revenue makes grim viewing for the industry compared with 2017, wherein the same period the industry grossed $997.3 million and $1.2 billion through the entire month, driven by successes such as Beauty and the Beast, Logan, and The Boss Baby, the Hollywood Reporter notes.”

     It is perhaps too much to hope for at present, that “true blues” will cease to go to movies, but it is not an impossible trend. Once I went regularly to movies, but have not been to any in the last 10 years, and do not intend to go ever  again. Nor do I watch TV. And, I feel much better for it, like moving away from a smog-filled environment to a walk in a clean country landscape. Why should I pay to see material which basically spits on me, and my values?  



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Monday, 06 July 2020
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