Gun Control Hysteria By John Steele

     We are seeing a feeding frenzy that would disturb sharks, as the liberals go mad over gun control.  It is their time to strike while the barrel is still hot, and smoking.

     In London, with severe gun restrictions, the Royal London Hospital has seen a dramatic rise in gunshot wounds, exceeding knife wounds, with 50-60 victims per year, a 20-30 percent rise in just 2-3 years. The average age of the victims was getting younger, because these people are primarily gang memebers:

     In the US, in the wake of the Las Vegas false flag, gun banners have set their sights on banning bump stocks, even though during the October 8 airing of Face the Nation, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) admitted that no law would have stopped the Las Vegas attacker:

     But, let’s ban everything that goes bang, anyway, just to be sure: 
    Welcome to the post-truth world.

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