Green and Gold Cooking Magic By Mrs Vera West

Having come out of hospital again after surgery from yet another fall, which shattered my knee, I have been laid up at a friend’s place. It is not as bad as a broken hip, but still miserable. I try and do a few articles, but it is a drain on an old lady. Anyway, not to complain because I just found something very special for our lady readers, a true treasure from the past.


It is the classic Australian Green and Gold Cooker Book, published by Rigby Books, Adelaide, whom I think closed long ago, I could not find them on the internet. Now this book, first published in 1923, was once given as a wedding gift to all Aussie brides, in the days when women were not “womyn,” that is before the feminist madness of the 1960s. In its pages is everything a wife should know, how to cook everything from roasts to cakes, how to make jams and preserves, invalid dishes, and handy household hints. I liked the invalid cookery, with easy to prepare things like barley water, gruel, and all types of beef teas. My friend is going to cook up from of these potions to help me heal.


It really was a much better world then, without the superficial affluence and techno-materialism. And, we did not need multiculturalism to give us tasty food, since we had taste and nutrition, without the health defects, back in the pre-World War II time. But, that world is gone.,of%20local%20society%2C%20as%20local%20matrons%20contributed%20recipes.




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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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