Google Suppressing Climate Critiques By Chris Knight

     Big Tech suppression continues, and what should we expect, since that is what they are in the business to do, squash the deplorables and support globalist ideology. Not only have we seen race material, immigration and pro-health material censored, then all conservative approaches, but now, climate change critique as well goes under the chop:

“Several months ago, Google quietly released a 32-page white paper, “How Google Fights Disinformation.” That sound good. The problem is that Google not only controls a whopping 92.2% of all online searches. It is a decidedly left-wing outfit, which views things like skepticism of climate alarmism, and conservative views generally, as “disinformation.” The white paper explains how Google’s search and news algorithms operate, to suppress what Google considers disinformation and wants to keep out of educational and public discussions. The algorithms clearly favor liberal content when displaying search results. Generally speaking, they rank and present search results based on the use of so-called “authoritative sources.” The problem is, these sources are mostly “mainstream” media, which are almost entirely liberal. Google’s algorithmic definition of “authoritative” makes liberals the voice of authority. Bigger is better, and the liberals have the most and biggest news outlets. The algorithms are very complex, but the basic idea is that the more other websites link to you, the greater your authority. It is like saying a newspaper with more subscribers is more trustworthy than one with fewer subscribers. This actually makes no sense, but that is how it works with the news and in other domains. Popularity is not authority, but the algorithm is designed to see it that way. This explains why the first page of search results for breaking news almost always consists of links to liberal outlets. There is absolutely no balance with conservative news sources. Given that roughly half of Americans are conservatives, Google’s liberal news bias is truly reprehensible.

In the realm of public policies affecting our energy, economy, jobs, national security, living standards and other critical issues, the suppression of alternative or skeptical voices, evidence and perspectives becomes positively dangerous for our nation and world. Last year, I documented an extreme case of this bias the arena of “dangerous manmade global warming” alarmism. My individual searches on prominent skeptics of alarmist claims revealed that Google’s “authoritative source” was an obscure website called DeSmogBlog, whose claim to fame is posting nasty negative dossiers on skeptics, including me and several colleagues. In each search, several things immediately happened. First, Google linked to DeSmogBlog’s dossier on the skeptic, even though it might be a decade old  and/or wildly inaccurate. Indeed, sometimes this was the first entry in the search results. Second, roughly half of the results were negative attacks – which should not be surprising, since the liberal press often attacks us skeptics. Third, skeptics are often labeled as “funded by big oil,” whereas funding of alarmists by self-interested government agencies, renewable energy companies, far-left foundations or Tom Steyer (who became a billionaire by financing Asian coal mines) was generally ignored. In stark contrast, searching for information about prominent climate alarmists yielded nothing but praise. This too is not surprising, since Google’s liberal “authoritative” sources love alarmists.

This algorithm’s bias against skeptics is breathtaking – and it extends to the climate change debate itself. Search results on nearly all climate issues are dominated by alarmist content. In fact, climate change seems to get special algorithmic attention. Goggle’s special category of climate webpages, hyperbolically called “Your Money or Your Life,” requires even greater “authoritative” control in searches. No matter how well reasoned, articles questioning the dominance of human factors in climate change, the near-apocalyptic effects of predicted climate change, or the value and validity of climate models are routinely ignored by Google’s algorithms. The algorithm also ignores the fact that our jobs, economy, financial wellbeing, living standards, and freedom to travel and heat or cool our homes would be severely and negatively affected by energy proposals justified in the name of preventing human-caused cataclysmic climate change. The monumental mining and raw material demands of wind turbines, solar panels, biofuels and batteries likewise merit little mention in Google searches. Ditto for the extensive impacts of these supposed “clean, green, renewable, sustainable” technologies on lands, habitats and wildlife. It’s safe to say that climate change is now the world’s biggest single public policy issue. And yet Google simply downgrades and thus “shadow bans” any pages that contain “demonstrably inaccurate content or debunked conspiracy theories.” That is how alarmists describe skepticism about any climate alarm or renewable energy claims. Google does not explain how its algorithm makes these intrinsically subjective determinations as to whether an article is accurate, authoritative and thus posted – or incorrect, questionable and thus consigned to oblivion.

Google’s authority-based search algorithm is also rigged to favor liberal content over virtually all conservative content; it may be especially true for climate and energy topics. This deep liberal bias is fundamentally wrong and un-American, given Google’s central role in our lives. Google’s creators get wealthy by controlling access to information – and thus thinking, debate, public policy decisions and our future – by using a public internet system that was built by defense and other government agencies, using taxpayer dollars, for the purpose of ensuring the free flow of information and open, robust discussion of vital policy issues. It was never meant to impose liberal-progressive-leftist police state restrictions on who gets to be heard. According to its “How we fight disinformation” white paper, Google’s separate news search feature gets special algorithmic treatment – meaning that almost all links returned on the first page are to liberal news sources. This blatant bias stands out like a sore thumb in multiple tests. In no case involving the first ten links did I get more than one link to a conservative news source. Sometimes I got none. For example, my news search on “Biden 2020” returned the following top ten search results, in this order: CNN, the New York Times, Vice, Politico, CNN again, Fortune, Vox, Fox News, The Hill and Politico. The only actual conservative source was Fox News, in eighth position. Of course, conservative content would not be friendly to Mr. Biden. But if Google can prominently post attacks on skeptics and conservatives, why can’t it do so for attacks on Democrats?”

     Clearly this is being done to prepare the West for the coming eco-totalitarianism from the Left. Here is what the American Democrats have in store for America, and you can be sure that we in Australia will cop this in turn, so get ready for the Left-wing environmental apocalypse:

“If we put Democrats in charge of everything, in other words, they will turn our entire nation into exactly what they’ve already done with San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Portland and other left-wing cities. Without exception, they are all collapsing into cesspools of filth, disease, homelessness, substance abuse, violent crime, lawlessness, destitution and insanity. Now, Democrat candidates for president are going all-in, promising to collapse the entire nation and usher in an era of mass starvation, famine, disease and economic collapse… all to appease the increasingly insane Leftists who use Twitter as a dumping ground for their mass mental illness and shared psychosis. Here are just a few of the things Democrat candidates like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg promise to outlaw if they become President:

COMBUSTION ENGINES: No more combustion engines will be allowed to operate anywhere in the United States, including engines that power farm vehicles, airplanes, transportation trucks, public school buses and personal automobiles. This is part of the “Green New Deal” pushed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the first clinically retarded imbecile to have ever been elected to the U.S. Congress. This insane scheme of banning combustion engines would of course result in the immediate and total collapse of U.S. agriculture, transportation, free market logistics, tourism and education, leading to mass starvation, disease and depopulation of the USA. The fact that none of the candidates pushing this insane ban on combustion engines seem to have any clue what might happen as a result of their actions just underscores the delusional psychosis that now characterizes nearly all Democrats. including the many stroke victims who depend on straws to consume smoothies and beverages. Although microplastics pollution is a real problem, the outright banning of straws for everyone is a direct attack on the disabled. But again, none of the Democrats seem to care. There’s actually a much better solution to all this, which is using straws made out of compostable plant fibers. They work just like plastic, but they can be consumed by bacteria found in landfill.

MEAT PRODUCTS: Blaming “cow farts” for the problems of so-called “climate change,” Democrats want to have the government tell you it’s bad to eat meat. Note that all the human farts coming out of feces-infested cities like San Francisco never seems to enter the minds of these same lunatics who blame cows for the problems of the world. Liberal cities like Seattle, Portland and Austin not only produce enormous quantities of human farts, they also collect, concentrate and export all their human waste (in the form of biosludge) that gets dumped on rural America to contaminate farms, rivers and streams. If liberals want to make a fuss about feces and flatulence, they should start by literally owning their own sh#t first (and stop dumping all their feces on rural America).

CIVILIAN-OWNED FIREARMS: If Democrats seize power in America, they now promise to take your guns away at gunpoint. Sure, they call it a “mandatory buyback” program, but that’s just another way of saying gun confiscation. It’s not a “buy back” since you didn’t buy your gun from the government in the first place. By the way, these very same Democrats who claim guns are bad now promise to use armed government agents to come take your guns at gunpoint, which means they do believe in the power of guns after all. And that’s exactly why they don’t want citizens to own them, because the Second Amendment is really about a balance of power, making sure the government fears what the people might do if the government becomes too corrupt, tyrannical and lawless. Many Americans might argue we’re already at that point, given that Hillary Clinton still hasn’t been prosecuted, Jeffrey Epstein was murdered while under government custody and Barack Obama continues to get away with international money laundering and funding the nuclear weapons program for Iran. If there were ever a time that civilians needed to own guns in America, it’s right now. Democrats say cows are bad for the environment but never mention GMOs, pesticides or glyphosate. Don’t you find it interesting that Democrats never bother to mention the devastating environmental damage caused by GMOs, glyphosate, pesticides and hormone disrupting agricultural chemicals like atrazine? Atrazine is a chemical castrator. It interferes with hormones and causes dual sex organ expression in amphibians. In mammals, it’s known as a “chemical castrator” that results in mass infertility and feminization of endocrine system hormones. Yet there isn’t a single Democrat running for president that ever mentions the dangers of pesticides, herbicides and GMOs. Instead, cows get the blame. And Democrats push genetically modified, chemically injected soybean burgers, made with GMO soy that’s sprayed with glyphosate and artificially irrigated using power hungry pumps that consume massive amounts of energy. If there was ever a crop that was bad for the planet, it’s soy — which is also involved in the clear-cutting of the Amazon rainforest so that Brazilian farmers can produce more soy. Soy burgers are far worse for the environment than a regular beef hamburger from a free-range cow. But none of these facts matter to Democrats, since they’ve all become soy boys (and girls), consuming chemical concoctions laced with cancer-causing herbicides while claiming to be “environmentally aware.”

     What is being advocated here is the abandonment of Western civilisation at its most basic level, jettisoning the technological advances that keep massive populations from starvation. This will literally be doomsday, and a vision of this dystopia is already seen in collapsing cities such as Baltimore. One might object that this could not happen as the elites will not permit the West to crumble. Yet, the destruction of the West seems to be the only game plan that makes sense of all the disasters facing the West, so we can be sure that this is what the Dark Lords have planned. It is nihilism unchained.

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