Global Demographics and White Survival By Dr Peter J. White

     American Renaissance, a journal which presumably defends White interests, even though its core writer Jared Taylor  champions the East Asian IQ superiority theory “they are just so much smarter than us,” Taylor has said, in so many words. I would be cautious about following too closely someone who has embraced a position open to controversy and challenge, even within mainstream psychology, let alone once one begins conceptually deconstructing IQ, as I have done in many articles at this site, which you can follow via our search engine. As far as I am aware, Taylor has never done this sort of fundamental investigation of the IQ issue, but simply quotes some cherry-picked standard papers.

     I will comment here on his article dealing with the demographic threats that Whites face:

     American Renaissance published two previous papers:

     The issue here is the African population explosion, and the desire for perhaps a billion or more people wishing to migrate to Europe. Taylor considers foreign aid via birth control, but accepts that a flood is inevitable. Europe will need to resist this, either by gunboats, or by some form of solution adopted in Australia. Good luck with that one. But, the ultimate problem is philosophical:

“Europe’s survival is a question of will; nothing else. Non-whites are pouring into the continent because of collective mental paralysis, not because Europeans can’t stop them. Europe is further paralyzed by the European Union’s supranational authority. The EU is, itself, as committed to open borders as its most globalist members, and its continent-wide authority makes it difficult for nationalist members to protect themselves.

Poland and Hungary are proving that individual EU members can keep “refugees” out—and they risk expulsion from the EU for doing so. For Europe to survive, the union must therefore break apart; the change of heart that alone can save Europe from the coming waves of Africans is unimaginable for the time being at the EU level.

The great Frenchman Guillaume Faye once wrote that unless the generation of Europeans now in their 20s takes action, Europe is doomed. Mr. Faye was writing only about immigration from the Middle East. Africa is a much greater threat.”

     This we all know, so it would have been nice to know his plan for dealing with White pathology, and if Whites have such low IQs, why bother? Shouldn’t we just accept our passage into history’s dust bin, because, after all, low IQ Whites never invented anything, never moved beyond primitive science, and have no literature worth saving anyway? China must have created the modern world, and the concept of IQ, solely on its own, so really, saving China should be the IQ cult’s main game.

     Although the article by F. Roger Devlin makes an attempt to give some ecological background to African population expansion, the important issues have not been addressed. Apart from coming economic calamity, the world will face numerous resource shortages, and this is not because of trendy globalist fetishes such as the climate change hoax and peak oil. Shortages are more basic, and include water, soil fertility, biodiversity and other biological fundamentals of life that our academics are forgetting about in the rush to embrace politically correct cults such as climate change. Biodiversity decline, typically caused by chemical pollution, alone threatens human survival, as Mike Adams, no lover of climate change argues:

“The global ecosystem is rapidly collapsing… insect biomass plummets 75% in one generation… scientists warn of “decimation”… humanity may not survive much longer…”

“For years, I’ve warned that humanity is a suicide cult which has engineered its own destruction by relentlessly poisoning the natural world with chemical pesticides, heavy metals and GMOs. Now, the collapse of living systems across the planet is accelerating like never before, with ocean fisheries collapsing by the day, topsoil vanishing by the inch, and wildlife populations being decimated by the accelerating destruction of habitat.

Humanity, it seems, has broken the planet, and the mass die-offs are now impossible to ignore. Adding even more weight to the horrifying realization that humanity is committing mass ecological suicide…

All this brings me to (at least) one obvious point: While the left-wing media and science talking heads are losing their minds over so-called “climate change” — an entirely made-up problem — even their own predictions only show tiny increases in ocean levels over the next hundred years.

Yet the collapse of insect populations is happening now, with devastating consequences already initiated that may spell doom for a global human population of over 7 billion people, all of whom demand food on a regular basis. Without insects, the food supply collapses. Without food, human populations collapse. And without humans, there is no sustained global warming problem to worry about anyway.

In other words, climate change alarmists are focusing on the wrong crisis. If we don’t figure out what’s decimating the insects — and it’s very likely agricultural chemical contamination of our world — then nobody will be around to burn fossil fuels and run the coal plants anyway. Global warming, in other words, is not a problem if everybody dies from starvation because the global food web collapses.”

     Obviously enough, there will be no over-population crisis then, but we struggle to find any recognition of these sorts of ecological problems in American Renaissance.

     People,  who are so-called racial realists, also need to be ecological realists, for race is part of biology, and these considerations need to be primary in their analysis of global demography.



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Saturday, 12 June 2021
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