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Global Cooling…Ha, Ha! By James Reed

     I have long been a supporter of global cooling and have always encourage people to consume as much as possible and burn fires all day (legally of course) to increase their carbon footprint. None of this trendy global warming nonsense for me.

    Now my extreme prejudices may be proven correct, as one of the world’s largest super volcanoes may well be ready to erupt:

    The volcano is known as Campi Flegrei, west of Naples, and it has blown before. Volcanic eruptions typically fill the air with ash and other goodies, which reflect sunlight back into space, cooling the Earth. Sure, there may be some risk of global starvation if too much light gets blocked, but the human race is lucky, and of course, nothing bad is going to happen. And, it is but a small price to pay to end the global warming hoax:

    Here is a neat summary of the problems Naples may face:

“Throughout the 1980s, Campi Flegrei set off a series of small earthquakes. This is due to magma and other hot fluids shooting into the shallow structure of the volcano. Recently, scientists located a concerning “hot zone” within the caldera in southern Italy. Their findings could help predict when the next eruption lets go.
“One question that has puzzled scientists is where magma is located beneath the caldera, and our study provides the first evidence of a hot zone under the city of Pozzuoli that extends into the sea at a depth of 4 km,” said Dr. Luca De Siena of the University of Aberdeen.
“While this is the most probable location of a small batch of magma, it could also be the heated fluid-filled top of a wider magma chamber, located even deeper.”
In the 1980s, a massive rock formation measuring 1-2 km deep blocked magma from rising to the surface. The magma pursued a lateral route to release pressure. However, the pressure within the caldera continues to build, making the next eruption extremely large and catastrophic. The entire caldera has become hotter, indicating the growing pressure of magma beneath the surface. Scientists are trying to predict exactly where the rock will give along the lateral line. Since the seismic activity under Pozzouli has diminished, they fear that the magma will burst further down the line, closer to a more densely populated area such as Naples, Italy.
“This means that the risk from the caldera is no longer just in the centre, but has migrated. Indeed, you can now characterise Campi Flegrei as being like a boiling pot of soup beneath the surface,” Dr. De Siena says.”

     Well, I never did like pizza, especially burnt pizza, caked in larva. But life will go on, and commerce will flow.



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Saturday, 30 May 2020
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