Given the Run-Around on Ethno-Race? By Richard Miller

     The UK system is now so rotten that even the elites have problems when they want to find out issues relating to ethnicity, race and crime.

“Home secretary Priti Patel has ordered officials to explain what has happened to a long-awaited review into the ethnicity of grooming gangs, HuffPost UK has learnt. A frustrated Patel has been met with “obfuscation” from Home Office officials when asking about the probe, which campaigners believe is crucial in tackling child abuse and helping the fight against far-right racism. Her predecessor Sajid Javid ordered the review in July 2018 amid concerns about gangs of mainly Pakistani-heritage men carrying out child sexual exploitation (CSE). But the Home Office was later accused of holding up the work and faced criticism for insisting it would remain internal. Patel assumed the review would be prioritised as Javid, whose parents were from Pakistan, gave several high profile interviews after ordering the probe in which he said the abuse made him “feel angry”, and that the men had “disgraced our heritage”. A source in the Home Office suggested that Patel was being “given the run around by officials” who were “not being completely up front about this”, and stressed that the home secretary at least wants to see the results herself even if they are not eventually published. “She’s not best pleased with the way it’s going,” they said. Nazir Afzal, the highly respected former chief crown prosecutor in the north-west of England who brought the Rochdale grooming gang to justice, told HuffPost UK the lack of research was being “exploited by the far-right”. He said: “I have been calling for an evidence based review since I gave evidence in parliament in 2012, the promises have come to nothing.

“The vacuum is exploited by the far-right. “We were promised a review of sorts by the then home secretary and then when it didn’t surface, we were told it was for internal use only. “Now it seems nobody can find it.
“It’s victims that constantly get let down by the failures of those in authority.””     The whole issue of the grooming rape gangs was originally exposed by the so-called far Right, while the system merrily ignored the rapes and violence against British children. This indicates that there is indeed something rotten in the system. If it was Black children being groomed by white gangs, just imagine how fast the flat-footers would be moving then! Why, they would fall over each other like Key Stone Cops!

“How painfully true that was. In the very week that an excoriating 150-page report revealed that Greater Manchester Police (GMP) knew of grooming gangs sexually exploiting almost a hundred girls, some as young as 12, “in plain sight”, Question Time did not feature a single question on the topic. The BBC was keen to indulge the notion that a cossetted multi-millionairess had been a victim of racism, while completely ignoring girls like Victoria Agoglia, who died after having her 15-year-old veins filled with heroin so she could be raped by dozens of “Asian” (Pakistani-heritage) men.” Not much “white privilege” for poor Victoria Agoglia, whose grandmother begged in vain for police and social services to help her. Nor for the 11-year-old in Oxford whose buttock was branded with the initial of her British-Pakistani “owner”. On the contrary. The girls being white, and their abusers being non-white, made it much less likely they would be protected. At long last, we now have conclusive proof of that. After a five-year investigation, the Independent Office for Police Conduct has just upheld a complaint against a senior Rotherham officer who admitted that his force ignored the sexual abuse of girls by grooming gangs “for decades” because it was afraid of increasing “racial tensions”. The copper, who was unable to be identified, told a missing child’s distraught father that grooming was “P----s----ing”, and admitted that “what with it being Asians, we can’t afford for this to be coming out”, because the town “would erupt”. Keeping the lid on social unrest, not upsetting “the community”, that was the main thing. Young girls pimped, threatened, tortured? Why, they were just collateral damage in the greater project of multiculturalism. After Victoria Agoglia died of an overdose administered by an older man in 2003, official denial became a lot harder – although that didn’t stop the coroner at Victoria’s inquest doing his best. He “recognised the multiple concerns”, but pointed out that the girl had a “propensity to provide sexual favours”. Remember that insensitive man was talking about a child who was supposedly in the care of Manchester City Council when she was coerced, before puberty, into prostitution.”

     You see, the lives of white children do not matter to the system, because of. .. well …the Great Replacement.



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Monday, 26 October 2020
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