Getting it Wong about Globalism By James Reed

     When the libs are tossed out at the next election, Labor is going to give it to us, both barrels, so to speak. We are likely to get section 18 C style legislation over every politically correct subject you can think of, and then some: Of course, gay marriage and the Republic will be on the top of the agenda, with the Aboriginal referendum probably coming under king Mal’s regime, before its fall.

     Globalism and free trade, even freer than what exists now, will be put into place, according to Senator Wong:, which has already produced a state of excitement in the no borders, big Australia crowd: The Australian, July 6, 2017, p. 12.  I would expect open borders to come down the track, and after that more radical proposals, such as the dismantling of the Australian state and its merge into China as a satellite state. Who knows what is in store, when good men continue to do nothing and cling instead to consumer comfort.

     Is there hope given that the naïve  Australian voters put into power one or other of these parties, and that most people learn nothing from history? History? What’s that? It certainly isn’t something taught in schools, beyond Asia and the Dreamtime.
Senator Nick Xenophon, who voted against section 18 C reforms (don’t ever forget it:,  has warned that China may sink an Australian navy ship to warn the US: His claim was that the economic and social costs of war with China outweigh the US alliance: War with China will involve social trauma given the number of Chinese here in this country, most of whom, I suppose, would be called by the communist party to be loyal to mother China, which is not unreasonable or contrary to human nature, if some all-out war developed.

     Now, even given that, China may still see Australia as expendable, despite all of the bootlicking done by our political class, and may sink the ship or take out one of our cities, although that former scenario is less likely given that they own so much real estate here. But, Chinese leadership under Mao was open to hundreds of millions of Chinese dying so we should not assume anything about our communist trading partner:  Xenophon never addresses the key issue, of whether it is sane to seek to merge with a superpower which is willing to use your country for essentially target practice. I guess that sort of deep questioning of our “Asian destiny” is off limits.

     The point remains that any such attack would end Wong’s globalist vision overnight. No matter how cucked and deracinated the Australian public are, they still have an instinctive animalistic  fear of fire, and no fire is hotter than the nuclear one.

     If a North Korean nuclear bomb lobs on an Australian city, allowed to happen by the Chinese, under the ancient Chinese principle “to scare the monkey, first kill the chicken,” all bets are off.
Therefore, we should be rejecting the Asianist visions of both Wong and Xenophon and strive to be as independent as possible, and as quiet as possible, to not be destroyed in the inevitable war between the titans: titanomachy. One of the titans will fall and crush us, and our bloody economy and housing industry.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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