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Germany Must Perish! by Peter Ewer

Theodore Kaufman published Germany Must Perish! in 1941, advocating the genocide of the Germans through the sterilization of all Germans. Louis Nizer, in What to Do with Germany, published in 1944, disagreed with mass sterilization but wanted collective punishment:!

Following World War II there was the Morgenthau plan (ultimately abandoned at the 11th hour), to deindustrialize Germany, leading to the extermination of 40 percent of its population:;

Then there are the “other loses,” the allegation by James Bacque that U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower intentionally caused the deaths of over one million German POWS by death and starvation: James Bacque, Other Losses (1989); James Bacque, Crimes and Mercies, (1997); You would think that somebody did not like the Germans.

Viewed in this historical light, while there are clashes between migrants and police in Hamburg:, German chancellor Angela Merkel said that her government hopes to bring in 12 million migrants to allegedly deal with “population decline” : there is clearly “not enough societal upheaval yet” : The majority of the migrants will be Muslim: Guess where this is going?

No matter that Germany has spent over £ 13 billion in the past 18 months alone just to feed, clothe and house, the largely unemployed migrants: This figure will sky rocket under Merkel’s mega-migration plan, bringing Germany to economic ruin, which no doubt is her plan.

And debt is not the only thing exploding; German Federal police statistics indicate that the vast increase in crime which has occurred in Germany is a direct result of Merkel’s open borders migration policy: Migrants were linked to 69,000 would-be or actual crimes in the first three months of 2016: Almost half of all criminal suspects in Munich are non-Germans: It is not unreasonable to suppose that these statistics will get worse, not better, because there will be no real difference in the migration program.

Not only does Merkel intend for Germany to be swamped with a deluge of migrants, but she recently said that the European Union should do the same, and she also said that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Of course she is right because, as we all know, most terrorists are Mahayana Buddhists, followers of the “nihilist” Nāgārjuna (నాగార్జున, c. 150 – c. 250 CE) (who taught, among other things, that “nothing exists” and that even the emptiness is empty – how “terribleist is that! See T. R. V. Murti, T. R. V. (1955), The Central Philosophy of Buddhism, George Allen and Unwin, London, 2nd edition, 1960).)

They assault people with love, enlightenment, rose petals and green tea bags, sometimes wet. Ask the good old Pope, who in a recent speech on February 10, 2017, in California, said that Muslim terrorism does not exist:

I predict that both Merkel and the Pope will be converting to Islam in the near future. As now 2 out of 3 Germans want her out:, she is going to have some spare time on her ample hands to embrace her new globalist faith.



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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