George Soros: Terrorist? By Charles Taylor

     Many have said it, but now it is all happening: the possibility of George Soros being proclaimed a terrorist!

“A petition demanding the United States government to declare American financier George Soros a domestic terrorist has gathered over 110,000 signatures, more than sufficient to compel the Trump administration to respond.
The Washington Times reported that the petition, which was posted on the “We the People” section of the White House website on Aug 20, had cracked the required 100,000-signature threshold within 30 days to trigger an official response.
“As of early Saturday afternoon, it has been digitally signed over 110,000 times,” the news report wrote.
The petition stated that Soros had wilfully, and on an ongoing basis, attempted to destabilise and commit acts of sedition against the US and its citizens, through allegedly creating and funding organisations exclusively devoted to facilitating “the collapse of the systems and constitutional government of the US”.
It added that Soros had also developed “unhealthy and undue influence over the entire Democrat Party and a large portion of the US Federal government”.
It then urged US Justice Department (DOJ) to immediately declare Soros and all of his organisations and staff members to be domestic terrorists.”

     Ok, so Soros has not yet been declare a terrorist, but could be. I was going to write, “but of course the cucked Trump regime will not have the nut to do this,” but… who knows, as US security organisations have now declared the antifa to be a domestic terrorist organisation:
Guess who funds them? And apparently is not prompt with payments:

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