Genital Mutilation is Now Just Part of British Multiculturalism By Peter West

     Contrary to all the textbooks pushed in social sciences courses to brainwash the young at universities, multiculturalism is not about ethnic diversity within the existing liberal-democratic framework. Multiculturalism, after mass immigration gets past a critical point, becomes changing the system and replacing the previous majority with a new majority, and tossing out institutions like the liberal/democratic rule of law, and replacing them with something new and sinister, a “rough beast,” to use William Butler Yeat’s phrase, that we have not clearly seen yet. It does not happen overnight, but it is the inevitability of Fabian gradualism:

“A report has slammed the “national scandal” of the UK failing to prosecute a single child abuser committing or enabling Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), saying it shows the system is failing to fight the practice, which is associated with some migrant groups. The document, produced by the Quilliam Foundation, claims “Britain remains alone in Europe in its inability to prosecute FGM” and examines different explanations, including “a lack of witnesses”, “cultural sensitivity”, and the “existence of legal loopholes”. It highlights figures showing that, in 2016-2017 alone, 5,391 new cases of FGM were recorded in the UK, but authorities failed to bring a single perpetrator of FGM to justice. Altogether, around 9,000 women sought National Health Service (NHS) help because of the practice in that 12 month period.”

     The authorities do not enforce the law on this matter, because of political correctness, much as the rapes and grooming of white British children was permitted by the authorities:

     Here is what Britain’s leading conservative philosopher had to say about this rape of Britain:

“A story of rampant child abuse—ignored and abetted by the police—is emerging out of the British town of Rotherham. Until now, its scale and scope would have been inconceivable in a civilized country.  Its origins, however, lie in something quite ordinary: what one Labour MP called “not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat.” Imagine the following case. A fourteen-year old girl is taken into care by the social services unit of the town where she lives, because her parents are drug-addicted, and she has been neglected and is not turning up in school. She is one of many, for that is the way in Britain today. And local government entities—Councils—can be ordered by the courts to stand in for parents of neglected children. The Council places the girl in a home, where she is kept with others under supervision from the social services department. The home is regularly visited by young men who try to entice the girls into their cars, so as to give them drugs and alcohol, and then coerce them into sex.

Impossible, you will say, that such a thing could happen in Britain. In fact it is only one of over 1,400 cases, all arising during the course of the last fifteen years in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham, all involving vulnerable girls either in Council care or inadequately protected by their families from gangs of sexual predators. Almost no arrests have been made, no social workers or police officers have been reprimanded, and until recently the matter was dismissed by all those responsible as a matter of no real significance. Increasing public awareness of the problem, however, led to complaints, triggering a series of official reports. The latest report, from Professor Alexis Jay, former chief inspector of social work in Scotland, gives the truth for the first time, in 153 disturbing pages. One fact stands out above all the horrors detailed in the document, which is that the girl victims were white, and their abusers Pakistani.”

     A leading intellectual in a leading American newspaper, saying what I have basically said. Only I am more brutal in deducing the conclusion: Western culture has ended in Britain, and is quickly being replaced by the culture of the stronger migrant communities. Britain, of course, is though something of a paradise compared to European states in a more advanced state of decay, such as Sweden:

“In 2017, a Swedish police report, “Utsatta områden 2017”, (“Vulnerable Areas 2017”, commonly known as “no-go zones” or lawless areas) showed that there are 61 such areas in Sweden. They encompass 200 criminal networks, consisting of an estimated 5,000 criminals. Twenty-three of those areas were especially critical: children as young as 10 had been involved in serious crimes there, including ones involving weapons and drugs. Most of the inhabitants were non-Western, mainly Muslim, immigrants. A new report “The Relationship with the Judiciary in Socially Vulnerable Areas” from BRÅ (Brottsförebyggande Rådet), the Swedish Crime Prevention Council, shows that more than half of the inhabitants of these areas -- around 500,000 people -- think that criminals affect people in the areas by scaring people from appearing as witnesses, from calling the police, from moving freely, and from intervening when witnessing vandalism.

Residents fear repercussions from the local criminals, not only against themselves but also against family members. Since 2005, when the last such document was published, BRÅ, which is responsible for crime statistics in Sweden, has refused to release data about the ethnic identity of criminals. Nonetheless, Swedish newspaper Expressen recently published a report that out of 32 gang rape cases adjudicated in 2016 and 2017, 42 of the 43 of the rapists were migrants or descendants of migrants; 32 had been born abroad. 10 were born in Sweden, with one or both parents born abroad. The men were on average 21 years old at the time of the crime, and 13 of them under 18. In February, Peter Springare, a Swedish police officer, said that gang rapes were a new cultural phenomenon in Sweden -- a consequence of the last 10 to 15 years of immigration policy.

“There are also ethnic Swedes engaged in gang rape , but not in the same numbers as foreign-born offenders,” Springare said. For those comments, Springare was reported to the police, who announced that they would conduct an internal investigation into his remarks. The Secretary General of Sweden’s Law Society, Anne Ramberg, said that Springare’s comments were “almost racist”. If it is considered ‘objectionable’ in the West to talk about about the factual consequences of migration, in Sweden it is now viewed as a crime.

     In the New Immigration World Order, the only real crime is that committed by whites, and everything is racist. Guess how this one will end? You guessed it, everyone will live in peace and harmony, loving each other and singing “Imagine,” by rivers of flowing chocolate. Why, just ask Yoko Ono.  Oh, no:

     It is enough to make even me scream.



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Tuesday, 27 October 2020
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