Gender Agenda Overdrive By Mrs Vera West

     Readers need to have a look at the recent Volkswagen ad that was banned because of … well …sexism! The ad features a woman and a man in a tent on a cliff face, two male astronauts floating in a spaceship, a male para-athlete doing a long jump, but then in the final scene, a woman sitting on a bench with a pram. The VW races by, air rippling over her outfit, which for insane feminists would be symbolic rape, because … what is not?

“The new rules from the Advertising Standards Authority, which have only been enforced since June, state: "Marketing communications must not include gender stereotypes that are likely to cause harm, or serious or widespread offence." … Three people complained about the ad for Volkswagen’s electric eGolf vehicle as they insisted the advert had shown men engaged in adventurous actives while a woman was cast in a stereotypical care-giving role. Volkswagen said its ad was not sexist and that caring for a newborn was a life-changing experience about adaptation, regardless of the gender of the parent depicted. The German car manufacturer also stated that its advert made no suggestion that childcare was solely associated with women, and the fact that the woman in its advertisement was calm and reading could be seen as going against the stereotypical depiction of harassed or anxious parents in advertising. However, the ASA disagreed and said the advert presented gender stereotypes "in a way that was likely to cause harm and therefore breached the code." It said by allowing images to be compared between men "in extraordinary environments and carrying out adventurous activities”, with women who appeared "passive or engaged in a stereotypical care-giving role", the ad had suggested that stereotypical male and female roles were exclusively associated with one gender.”

     But that is not so, because one cannot infer that merely from the images produced. Women still have babies and push prams, despite the feminist and transgender revolutions. What is being enforced here is actually an attack on both traditional male value and female roles, in advancing the New World Order gender agenda. The message is not to put men in any positive light. I recently had cause to look at academic literature on transgenderism and the social contraction of sex, that my granddaughter had to read for a university project, even though she is doing medicine. There are amazing jumps of logic. Like: there are intersexual people, people with both male and female genitals. Therefore, sexual categories do not exist! This like arguing that there is no sharp division between plants and animals because at the microscopic level, there are hard to classify cases. Or, there is no sharp division between living and non-living, as viruses and prions sit in an ambiguous middle ground. Therefore, there are no living things! Vague middle areas do not prove non-existence, or nothing exists!

    That is the sort of reasoning going through all the academic papers my granddaughter has to read. And, if she dared criticise the “logic,” she would fail. James Reed is right, that the universities are totally out of control, and these thought factories are responsible for all of this. Closing them down would certainly aid in restoring balance to the world once more in every field one can name. Further, I think at this point there is something to be said about the need for retribution for the ordinary people who have had their lives wrecked by the policies and philosophies cooked up in our universities. There needs to be accountability, and justice.



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Friday, 07 August 2020
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