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Gas, Gas and More Gas: What is Wrong with this Picture? By Brian Simpson

     I teach maths and physics, so I did not notice this at first, but my friend who teaches year 12 chemistry pointed this out: 

     Have a close look at this photo of an allegedly gassed child being washed by a medico. Notice that no gloves or protective clothing are on the person washing. The gas is super-toxic, and the washer would be contaminated. Yet, he washers away as if it is Saturday night in the bathhouse. Something is very wrong with this picture. Last April Syria allegedly used sarin nerve gas, and the workers washed away without protective gear as well. Now, bets are being hedged that chlorine may be the gas instead:

     Either way, protection, even gloves would be required. Why, doctors doing routine examines in the West, use gloves. The Deep State is so eager for war, like vampires hungry for blood, that they have become careless, or is it that they know that the vast majority of people are now so dumbed down and genetically dysgenic, that they would not notice, or care anyway?  

     Don’t care may care, when a missile lands in their Christmas stocking though. Perhaps it is time to do a John Steele on this one, for after all that has been let happen for hundreds of years, it was only a matter of time before we came to a sticky end: 



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Tuesday, 14 July 2020
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