From Swedish Child Brides to the Problem of Crime: A Financial Solution? By Paul Walker

     Here is how migration changes a culture, fundamentally:

     Sweden has legalised child marriages for Muslim immigrants, who have children wives.  This is due to the huge influx of migrants, and many girls, as young as 14, are pregnant:

     It was argued that it would be “racist” and culturally insensitive to enforce paedophilia laws. Further, in the light of claims by Norway police that “radical Islam has taken over Oslo”:
this is just the start, and a model for how things will go in Europe and the West:

“Police in Norway say that they have completely lost control over the city of Oslo due to the fact that radical Islamists have taken over the area.  According to police, Grønland, a district in the city of Oslo, is experiencing “apocalyptic levels of violence and lawlessness.” reports:  The Grønland district of Oslo looks like Karachi, Basra, and Mogadishu all rolled into one. People sell drugs openly next to the Grønland subway station, violence is epidemic, and the police have largely given up. It’s not Norway or Europe anymore, except when there is welfare money to be collected.
     The police are powerless. Five years ago, Aftenposten, a pro-Islamic leaning publication that is the largest newspaper in the Oslo, stated that there are sharia patrols in this area, and gay couples are assaulted and chased away. “Immigrant Fatima Tetouani says that ‘Grønland is more Muslim than Morocco.’”

     I am sure that the answer here is to change the financial system, so that the migrants have increased purchasing power. Yes, that might work, because nothing else in the liberal toolbox seems to have a chance. It may also help with the on-going overrepresentation of American Blacks in crime, who while being just 13 percent of the population, are overrepresented in also all crime categories:

     “Despite making up just 13% of the population, total arrests of black people reached 2,263,112 in 2016 compared to 5,858,330 arrests of white people, who make up around 73% of the population….Black people are more likely than whites to be arrested for “Murder and non-negligent manslaughter” despite being a minority, with 52.6% of arrests in this category being of African-Americans.
     “Of adults arrested for murder, 52.0 percent were Black or African American, 45.4 percent were White, and 2.6 percent were of other races,” reports the FBI.
     "Black people are also overrepresented in virtually every other category, including robbery, rape, aggravated assault, motor vehicle theft and prostitution and weapons violation.”
    "Whites are underrepresents with regards to mass shootings, committing 56 percent of such shootings at, 73 percent of the population.
    "Crime is often a product of poverty and lack of employment, yet the Left have been attacking Trump for wanting to clean up the inner cities, which they take to be “racist’:

     The Left, would, of course oppose any social credit proposals to solve these problems.

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Friday, 28 February 2020
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