From Micro-Obedience to Totalitarianism By James Reed

     The latest Report from Tiger Mountain, by Aussie Right-wing film maker, Richard Wolstencroft, deals with social distancing, making the interesting point that the regulation of social space, telling people where to stand, and how far part, is preparation for a coming totalitarian society. I would say that it is the totalitarian society, right now. And  I noticed that one computer firm, has heaps of masked security outside, with thermometer checks, and a huge guy at the door. Talk about over the top. But, we are being trained about how the new totalitarian reality will occur, where every aspect of life is controlled. That is just what has been going on now, regulating everything. Who amongst the ordinary people could have foreseen that this would have occurred, if asked this time last year?



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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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