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From Gas to Ovens By Adrian Davis

    Trump previously bombed Syria because, it was alleged that President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons, such as gas: There have been numerous critiques of this, not just from the fringes, but even more mainstream sources:, and of course, Putin denies that chemical weapons were used.

    Now, moving on from gas, the latest claim is that Syria is now operating genocidal ovens, burning the dead: “The most important human rights story of the week seems to have been largely overshadowed by political headlines. The report that should consume the international community is the revelation that U.S. satellite photos have identified crematoria at Syrian President Bashar Assad’s Sednaya prison. Assad built these killing centers to destroy the evidence of his mass murder of innocent civilians and political opponents in Syria, amid a growing genocide.”

    It has been proposed that this is justification for Trump bombing Syria again, which will no doubt will ultimately lead to nuclear war with Russia, and of course, the nuclear cremation of millions, if not billions:;;;  The elites have their plans to survive while the ordinary people die; survive in the short-term:

    It is important for an international community investigation, perhaps led by neutral investigators from China, not the already involved United States, to conduct an impartial investigation of this matter. In particular, if the regime is attempting to dispose of the “evidence’ of thousands of killings, would the use of cremation be the logical method of disposal? Is there evidence of ashes and other physical evidence? These matters need to be quickly investigated before the US falls into World War III, because Trump’s daughter starts to cry to her daddy. And, nuclear war may happen any way through an increasing number of scenarios. The elites who are itching for this, are going to be sad when they no longer have any slaves to push around, or at least living, non-radioactive ones.



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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