Fried Rice by Charles Taylor

President Donald Trump has stated that he believes that (former) President Obama’s former national security adviser Susan Rice committed a crime when she reportedly unmasked American citizens involved with Trump’s election campaign:

While the establishment is doing overtime to try and show that Trump is a Russian agent, #SurveillanceGate is exploding over the alternative news sites, that there was a criminal conspiracy to debunk Trump campaign officials using the state intelligence machinery to put all of these officials under surveillance, a year before the 2016 elections! Rice had a detailed spreadsheet, which she shared with Obama of all details that could be used against them. Obama then signed an order allowing 16 intelligence agencies access to this material, thus ensuring that information would be leaked to the media.

Here is the summary of this scandal beyond all scandals, given by the Daily Caller and BloomBerg News, cited from:

“Former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice ordered U.S. spy agencies to produce “detailed spreadsheets” of legal phone calls involving Donald Trump and his aides when he was running for president, according to former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova.
“What was produced by the intelligence community at the request of Ms. Rice were detailed spreadsheets of intercepted phone calls with unmasked Trump associates in perfectly legal conversations with individuals,” diGenova told The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group Monday.
Critics of the atmosphere prevailing throughout the Obama administration’s last year in office point to former Obama Deputy Defense Secretary Evelyn Farkas who admitted in a March 2 television interview on MSNBC that she “was urging my former colleagues,” to “get as much information as you can, get as much intelligence as you can, before President Obama leaves the administration.”

Michael Doran, former NSC senior director, told TheDCNF Monday that “somebody blew a hole in the wall between national security secrets and partisan politics.” This “was a stream of information that was supposed to be hermetically sealed from politics and the Obama administration found a way to blow a hole in that wall,” he said.
Doran charged that potential serious crimes were undertaken because “this is a leaking of signal intelligence.”
“That’s a felony,” he told TheDCNF. “And you can get 10 years for that. It is a tremendous abuse of the system. We’re not supposed to be monitoring American citizens. Bigger than the crime, is the breach of public trust.”

From BloomBerg News:
“White House lawyers last month learned that the former national security adviser Susan Rice requested the identities of U.S. persons in raw intelligence reports on dozens of occasions that connect to the Donald Trump transition and campaign, according to U.S. officials familiar with the matter.
The pattern of Rice’s requests was discovered in a National Security Council review of the government’s policy on “unmasking” the identities of individuals in the U.S. who are not targets of electronic eavesdropping, but whose communications are collected incidentally. Normally those names are redacted from summaries of monitored conversations and appear in reports as something like “U.S. Person One.”

The chairman of the House intelligence committee, Representative Devin Nunes, is also investigating how the Obama White House kept tabs on the Trump transition after the election through unmasking the names of Trump associates incidentally collected in government eavesdropping of foreign officials.”

The mainstream press, if they consider this at all, have taken the line that such surveillance is normal practice:
But, that says much:
imagine if this was done to their team, Obama and Hillary. My, the cries of racism and sexism, and other magic words, would be heard around the world for generations.
Let us see if Trump is able to do anything on this one, or do the elite have some big weapon against him, not yet fired,  to neutralise him?



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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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