Free speech for Them, But Never for Us (We Must be Replaced) By Paul Walker

     Old Zucky has been busy writing in The Wall Street Journal saying yeah to free speech, while censoring conservatives, because basic human rights are only given out those whom the Left decide are human. Let’s ask Pam, one of the leading victims of Big Tech, what she thinks about this:

“In an extraordinary oped in the Wall Street Journal, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg makes the case for freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Extraordinary because Zuckerberg’s Facebook has systematically censored, blocked and banned my colleagues and me on what is the most influential news portal in the world. My newsfeed is still in lockdown. Mr. Zuckerberg, let my thoughts and ideas be free. I have a million and a half followers on Facebook – and that is just my page. That does not include my groups AFDI, SIOA and the other SIO groups. At one time my organic traffic from Facebook was 100,000+ a day, now – because of bans, blocks and shadowbanning the Geller Report newsfeed, it barely reaches 2000. Never Trumpers, on the hand, have enjoyed the benevolence of the little dictator as have left-wing media pages. Facebook has instituted a fake news meter – which is nothing short of digital authoritarianism..  And now Zuckerberg is announcing the creation of an independent Oversight Board that will make binding decisions on what content stays up and comes down. Who will be on this board? … Zuckerberg claims that Facebook is “going to appoint members to this board who have a diversity of views and backgrounds, but who each hold free expression as a paramount value.” Who is that? Outside of my colleagues and I, no one on the left or the RINO right believes in free expression.  On whose side did the elites come down when jihadis opened fire on my free speech event in Garland, Texas.”

     No Mark, Facebook does not stand for free expression. Go ahead and ban my Facebook page; good luck in finding it (there is none, and nor should you have one).



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Friday, 30 October 2020
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