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France Falling Apart: Literally By Richard Miller

     Parts of the infrastructure of Western cities are falling apart quicker than expected, and the costs of replacement is often too high to undertake, so duct tape patch-ups constantly take place.

“Marseille, France’s second city, is facing its biggest crisis in decades as city-centre residents fear historical buildings that have turned to slums could crumble and fall. Grief and fury spread through the heart of the city after eight people were killed in November when two buildings collapsed near the picturesque old port. Citizens’ protests groups are asking how a city that has spent millions in the past decade on high-profile waterfront museum projects and attracting cruise-ship visitors could abandon residents and architecture to fatal neglect. In 2015, a government report warned that 40,000 dilapidated and dangerous homes were a health or security risk to 100,000 people, many in the city centre, but campaigners say little was done. Hundreds of families in Marseille have been evacuated from flats feared to be unsafe in recent months. Around 1,000 people – many on low incomes – are still sleeping in hotels, waiting to be rehoused. The crisis has highlighted Marseille’s unique makeup. With a population of around 850,000, it is smaller than the likes of Barcelona and Naples, and its diverse society is seen as symbol of modern France. But following industrial decline, a high number of its residents still live in poverty.”

     Diversity …  the usual stuff. No doubt the only real solution here is to import even more migrants, because things go better with immigration …  sing it now.



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Sunday, 05 July 2020
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