Forbidden Speech By Charles Taylor

     Alex Jones has been the latest victim in the IT giants attack on free speech, but he has come out swinging. First, he claims to have got 5.6 million new subscribers from the free press generated by the censorship of every internet system you can think of, including his email service. That does not just happen by accident, but requires the whole gang to coordinate things:

     It is good to see, however, that Jones is going old school with a grass roots campaign:

“As the past days have made clear, Infowars is the forbidden information the globalists don’t want you to have. Youtube, Facebook, Apple, Google and others have declared war on free thought, and they’re determined to use their algorithms to censor other conservative voices. In light of the coordinated blacklisting by big tech monopolies, Infowars is going low-tech and grassroots to circumvent their digital censorship. Use your own design, or print out ours and post in your area.”

     Then there is a big pdf of Jones being censored with tape over his mouth. The idea is to get these posters around. This story is important because I believe that the days of the internet may be numbered for the Freedom Movement, and we will have to go back to these sorts of strategies, used before the internet really got going. That is just the way it is, so we need to get out as much material we can on the net, while we still can.

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Friday, 28 February 2020
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