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For Euro-Thites There can be No Homeland According to the Globalists By Richard Miller

     It does not matter than White Germans have been in Germany for as long as recorded history, they do not exist, only migrants are real and anyone denying that is a racist, and watch out! Splat!

“German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has declared Germany “is a nation of immigrants and will remain so”, asserting: “There are no half or whole Germans, no biological or ‘new’ Germans”. Speaking at Berlin’s Bellevue Palace, where a small group of people with Turkish heritage had been invited to share their views on immigration, integration, and xenophobia in Europe, the German president strongly denounced “exclusion of and discrimination against people with foreign roots”. “A permanent suspicion of immigrants, no matter how long they have lived in Germany, is not only harmful for the individuals involved but it is a cause of shame for our country,” said President Steinmeier — who serves as a largely symbolic head of state, while Chancellor Angela Merkel is head of government. “Racism and discrimination violate human dignity and damage our democracy,” he continued, claiming: “Immigration has taken place because we have repeatedly asked people to come — a situation which will continue to be true in the future.”

     Good boy. Now roll over and get your tummy rub. It is hard to see any sort of smiley face ending to this. Even if cucked euro-Germans accept oblivion, the country will be ruined and development will fall, if statistics of migrant unemployment across the West, are any indication:



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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