Flying Cars? Great Caesar’s Ghost! By Brian Simpson

     We were promised all sorts of wonderous gadgets by the technocrats, and popular science magazines in the 1950s (I have some old issues) celebrated flying cars and things like that. Now it seems that even though we have lost our culture, our race is crashing and burning, we still may be able to drive a flying car to he funeral of Western civilisation.

“That video shows the all-electric BlackFly VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) ultralight aircraft in full flight, with actual human pilots. (Unlike many other promotional videos for ‘flying cars’ that show them operating as uncrewed drones). The BlackFly is built by OPENER Inc. in the US, and recent press releases from them announce that it has just qualified as an ultralight aircraft for use in the US. Designed as a ‘single-seat Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV)’, OPENER Inc. state that the BlackFly “… is simple to master and requires no formal licensing (in USA) or special skills to operate safely.” At 1.55m long and 1.6m wide and a take-off run of 1m, it can take off from almost anywhere. As well as being able to fly, the “car” also has full freshwater amphibious capabilities. But it is principally designed to operate from small grassy areas and travel distances of up to 40km at speeds up to 100km/h on an 8kWh battery. With the optional 12kWh battery, these figures increase to a 64km range at up to 130kmh. Recharge time for a 20-80 per cent charge of the 12kWh battery (using their fast-charge system) is just 25 minutes. Surprisingly, the energy consumption per km is quoted as being equivalent to a road-going EV.”

     So, get ready to get your flying car, and just fly away your troubles. A balloon would be even better, given all the available hot air, but, we make do with the techno crumbs thrown our way: 

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